Plasma Operations Trainee

Biotest Pharmaceuticals - Clemson, SC3.3

This Plasma Operations Trainee will be under Center Management supervision, and will develop a thorough working knowledge of all aspects of center operations. The Plasma Operations Trainee will be knowledgeable and trained in all areas of Biomedical Technician responsibilities. Will also offer administrative support and occasional coverage to center management and in all aspects of center and quality operations. Supervise and serve in the production areas as needed. Monitor and direct an efficient flow of staff and customers to facilitate quality center operations. Must be willing to relocate for further advancement into Center Management or Quality Assurance.


Education Requirements:
Minimum Bachelor’s degree is required. Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences is preferred. Supervisory experience preferred but not required. Some educational background in field of hematology is helpful but not required. Appropriate training while serving with the U.S. Armed forces can off set the educational requirements.

Experience Requirements:
One to two years of front line supervisory experience, office work preferred. A bachelor’s degree and/or professional license in the medical field, or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities can offset the experience requirements.

Other Essential Knowledge:
Ability to work with a wide variety of personalities, provide friendly customer service, have good judgment about people, and flexibility. Ability to analyze and easily grasp financial and operational data. Able to read and understand complex regulations and procedures and be able to construct and communicate them to others. Ability to lead and delegate other staff members indirectly. Can utilize standard office equipment such as a calculator, facsimile, telephone, and computer. Basic knowledge of word processing and spreadsheets is useful. Utilize basic mathematics with decimals and percentages. Under direct supervision, train on maintaining cash control journal and donors fees. On occasion and under supervision prepares various management reports and reviews the quality logs and reports. May assist in preparation of Plasma Center Quality Assurance Audit.