Social Worker - Intake and Assessment

Douglas County, WI - Superior, WI

Douglas County Health & Human Services Department - Social Worker is the entry level class for functions of moderate difficulty in all program areas. Employees work under close supervision and are expected to develop knowledge of the laws, policies, and administrative procedures of county social work programs, to learn the principles of human behavior and development, to develop interviewing and assessment skill, caseload organization and management skills and to use community resources. Social Worker will demonstrate competency in ethical practice, writing skills, court testimony and reports, judgment and decision making, responsibility and accountability, resource and fiscal awareness and interpersonal skills.

Essential Duties
Participate in screening of unit referrals to child protection, offering input of knowledge of cases and recommendations; Conduct child protection investigation, following state and investigative standards, agency policy and Wisconsin Children's Code; Conduct independent investigations with other counties and participation in Child First interviews with law enforcement and the District Attorney's office; Assess safety and the need for services making appropriate referrals for community resources; Seek court jurisdiction, where appropriate and provide documentation to the court as needed for petition; Through the assessment process offer services, where appropriate and provide case management service until the case is transferred to an ongoing worker or closed; Facilitate services for families identified as needing court ordered or voluntary case management; Perform child protection investigations when necessary for open cases; Develop protection and safety plans and arrange for implementation of service plans; Provide intake coverage as assigned, accepting walk-in or telephone intakes following agency intake protocols.

Review the day-to-day duties of Child Protection Services via the following website links:

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor's of Science Degree in Social Work and employee satisfies the requirements for Social Worker Certification per Wisconsin Statutes §457.08(1) or social worker training certificate under Wisconsin Statutes 457.09(1). To be WI Social Work certifiable at time of hire and WI Social Work certified within two years of hire date. Two years related work experience post bachelor's degree preferred. Financial aptitude, computer knowledge (Microsoft Windows and on-line programs), driver's license with proof of insurance for transporting and/or making appointments with clientele. Strong oral and written communication skills. Must be able to make presentations to management, public groups and various committees. Must be able to deal with a variety of people in all aspects of this work.

Please attach college transcripts, college diploma or other proof of college credentials when submitting your online application.

Supplemental Information
KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Working knowledge of social and economic factors which influence family life. Some knowledge of principles of human behavior and development and psychological defense mechanisms. Knowledge of community resources. Knowledge of public social service and assistance programs. Knowledge of interviewing techniques and problem solving methodology. Knowledge of reactions to stress. Working knowledge of social casework objectives, principles, methods, and caseload management and organization. Knowledge of the specialized and more difficult program area to which assigned. Knowledge of the laws, policies, and administrative procedures of county social service programs. Knowledge of the use and abuse of medications may be required to certain positions. Knowledge of how to access area resources, be skilled in written and oral communications, and be able to successfully facilitate wrap around team meetings while focusing on strengths, accurately listening and develop trust of team members.

ABILITIES REQUIRED: Apply casework skills to identify the client's weakness. Formulate and modify case plans in conjunction with clients. Interview effectively, gather information and engage the client in the problem-solving process. Understand and explain agency limitations, regulations and policies. Communicate effectively in written and oral form including the ability to speak publicly. Maintain current and accurate records. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, coworkers, clients, providers and staff of other agencies. Facilitate maximum client participation in service plans. Proficiency in use of computer and designated software programs and/or to obtain proficiency within 6 months of assuming the position.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES/REQUIREMENTS: The social worker will be required to perform non-sedentary and sedentary work. Non-sedentary work includes walking distances on uneven surfaces and climbing stairs; standing and sitting variable times; carrying a lap top computer and other materials simultaneously; and ability to lift up to 30 pounds. May require community visits, sometimes in buildings that are not handicapped accessible. Requirements include driving a vehicle to and from appointments. Must maintain a valid driver's license.

TEST REQUIREMENTS: Structured Interview; Background Investigation.