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Please submit your application materials through Waldron's Candidate web portal here:

Please submit your application materials through Waldron's Candidate web portal here:

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Community and Organizational Engagement

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Get to Know Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro is one of Oregon's most diverse and dynamic cities, with a steadily growing population of 101,540 residents, as of 2017. Hillsboro is the largest city in Washington County and serves as the county seat. During the workday, more than 50,000 employees commute to Hillsboro by car, bicycle, bus, or Light Rail train to work at companies such as Intel, Nike, and Genentech.

The City of Hillsboro is ideally located in the Pacific Northwest - 10 miles west of Portland - just an hour's drive from the beautiful Cascade Mountains and Columbia River Gorge to the east, and the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Known as the "high-tech hub of Oregon" or the "tallest tree in the silicon forest," Hillsboro has some of the best land, power, and water resources in the country. With its thriving economy, Hillsboro is the home of Oregon's fourth-largest school district, two higher-education campuses, and 28 parks with more than 1,500 acres of designated green spaces, including Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve and the Orenco Woods Nature Park. The Hillsboro community proudly supports creative expression and the arts, and Downtown Hillsboro is the home of the Walters Cultural Arts Center and the highly regarded Bag&Baggage professional theatre company.

Throughout summer, Hillsboro residents can shop for fresh berries, cherries, and produce at five different weekly farmers' markets. Annual community events include the Oregon International Air Show, the Hillsboro Latino Cultural Festival, and one of the largest 4th of July parades in the Northwest. The Hillsboro Hops, the only professional baseball team in the Portland metro area, entertain fans during home games at the City's baseball stadium, Ron Tonkin Field.

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Inside the City of Hillsboro

Known as a progressive and visionary organization, the City of Hillsboro enjoys a reputation of excellence in its long-term strategic and fiscal planning. The City welcomes and values each resident, business, and guest by providing exceptional and equitable public services.

The City of Hillsboro is served by 780 full-time and 500 part-time/temporary employees who work in 13 City departments: the City Manager's Office, Building, Economic Development, Finance, Fire, Human Resources, Information Services, Library, Parks & Recreation, Planning, Police, Public Works, and Water.

Like the residents they serve, City of Hillsboro employees are passionate about fostering a culturally inclusive community. The City promotes mutual respect and appreciation, recognizing that the diversity of people's backgrounds, perspectives, and lived experiences enriches the community and makes Hillsboro stronger – and more interesting. Fostering a welcoming environment for all who live, work, and play in Hillsboro elevates the community's cultural fabric, economic growth, global competitiveness, and overall prosperity.

Hillsboro's Mission Statement
The City of Hillsboro is dedicated to providing visionary leadership, delivering responsive municipal services, and fostering collaborative partnerships that enhance Hillsboro's hometown livability.

Structure of Local Government

While greatly respecting tradition, Hillsboro is unlike a traditional City government. It is a financially conservative, yet innovative and forward-thinking, full-service City. Hillsboro takes pride in being open, entrepreneurial, and cooperative in serving residents, businesses, and community partners. Success to Hillsboro means working together to provide excellent municipal services and plan for a bright future for the community.

Hillsboro operates as a Council-Manager form of government. Voters elect the seven-member City Council, including the Mayor and six City Councilors, to serve a four-year term, with a charter-imposed limit of serving no more than two consecutive terms. The City Council appoints a City Manager to conduct the business of the City. Policy decisions are the responsibility of the Council, while administrative functions are carried out by the City Manager and manager-appointed staff.

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Culture of Innovation

Bold and optimistic, Hillsboro is growing rapidly and with a purpose - to be the best City government in the universe. The City's goal is to be the public employer of choice, and employees continually look for opportunities to create the best working environment. Hillsboro is more than a city government. It is a set of values and personality traits that reflect the spirit of the community.

The City provides many opportunities for employees' personal and professional growth, and promotes a culture that embraces change for the better. Hillsboro purposefully creates experiences for employees to contribute

in different ways that benefit not only the organization and coworkers, but also directly support City Council priorities. Employees have a greater impact, are connected to the mission, and understand how their role at the City is helping to achieve the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan, which details the community's shared vision for the future.

Employees are proud to be part of the City of Hillsboro and want to improve their relationships, deepen their connections, and enhance their skills. An important thing you need to know about Hillsboro: they have fun. Seriously. Whether hosting art or theatre presentations during City Council meetings or elaborate comedy routines at the annual State of the City event, creativity abounds in Hillsboro.
Hillsboro's Core Values
Employees at the City of Hillsboro are expected to exemplify these Core Values:

Responsiveness in Customer Service
Respect for Diverse Voices and Ideas
Tradition of Reliability
Stewardship of the Public Trust
Leadership with Ethics and Integrity
Culture of Teamwork and Communication
Emphasis on Innovation
Excellence in Public Service
Employees are also expected to promote a positive work environment and to be effective and collaborative team members, while providing responsive municipal services to Hillsboro community members.

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About the Assistant City Manager Position

The Assistant City Manager over Community and Organizational Engagement will assist in carrying out the City Council's desire to have City services and infrastructure delivered in a creative, collaborative, equitable, and effective manner to the City's diverse community of residents and businesses. The new Assistant City Manager will lead and support a diverse staff of passionate and talented employees in further developing an outstanding organizational culture that supports excellence, innovation, fun, and a high degree of professional and personal satisfaction.

With an eye on innovation, this position leads several City departments and work groups, including the award-winning Parks & Recreation staff, innovative Library employees, top-notch Communications and Marketing team, solutions-oriented Human Resources staff, and the heart-centered Community Services team. While these are very different departments and work groups, their services and resources enrich the health, well-being, and quality of life/work-life of City employees and the community. The Assistant City Manager will report directly to the City Manager and collaborate with their peer Assistant City Manager.

Leadership Priorities

Internal – Ensure the Health, Well-Being, and Quality of Work-Life of All Employees

Make the necessary time and effort to form and maintain excellent working relationships throughout City. Be a vocal advocate for all City staff, establish trust, and encourage collaboration to prioritize and execute on achievable goals.
Ensure internal connectivity between departments. Collaborate effectively, recognize where the work intersects, identify a common vision and common goals, and work toward them.
In partnership with Human Resources staff, foster a culture of learning, empowerment, and growth by creating employee development opportunities, leadership competencies and related training, fulfilling passion areas, and maintaining strong connections.
Maintain oversight of internal organizational development efforts to ensure the City is able to deliver excellence in its services today, while preparing for the services of tomorrow.
Provide leadership and support for Communications and Marketing staff to execute the City's internal and external communications strategy.
Serve as an ambassador and active champion for the City's ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Promote respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion as a key organizational value through leadership and the decision-making process.
Provide leadership to reduce employment barriers to ensure the City continues to attract and retain a diverse mix of highly talented employees who demonstrate their commitment to the City's organizational values.

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External – Ensure the Health, Well-Being, and Quality of Life of the Community

Take the necessary time to learn and understand the community, and to embody the Hillsboro culture - the values, goals, and aspirations shared by all.
Ensure the City is connected to the community at all levels. Establish relationships and support partnerships by providing objective and valuable insight, and by effectively collaborating to develop innovative solutions that address the community's needs.
Continue to build community connections and engagement as the City grows, fostering a culture of civic engagement, participation, and volunteerism.
Through oversight and leadership of the community services departments, develop and implement positive programs that best serve the population. Focus and shape social and cultural livability in the community.
Effectively support social services initiatives, including the City Council's interests and commitment to homelessness and affordable housing.
Expand Hillsboro's inventory of community events, festivals, and family activities to ensure the city remains a thriving hub for arts and cultural activities.
Recognize and champion cultural arts of all types to engage and celebrate the community's rich cultural diversity.
The Successful Candidate

The new Assistant City Manager understands tomorrow's success isn't about a single investment or new development. A forward-thinking visionary, the successful candidate sees a future where people, the community, the land, and the economy prosper hand-in-hand. The Assistant City Manager is a thoughtful leader with the right amount of passion, patience, and heart to move the organization forward.

The City seeks an Assistant City Manager that is creative, innovative, and brings a fresh, yet experienced and measured, voice and perspective to Hillsboro. With strong emotional intelligence, the successful candidate values diversity of thought and serves as a catalyst for broad, citywide discussions. A natural convener and collaborator, the Assistant City Manager recognizes the importance of relationships and partnerships at all levels. Balancing and respecting a variety of views during the decision-making process, while moving forward, will be key. The successful candidate is an effective communicator and actively keeps others well informed. They also appreciate and have a good sense of humor, with the ability to laugh.

The Assistant City Manager leads and empowers staff, promoting a culture that embraces change for the better, and encourages and supports innovation and collaboration. The successful candidate is an active listener who values honesty and integrity, and believes in fostering mutual respect at all levels.

The Assistant City Manager understands and appreciates public service, providing quality of life services and, above all, values a sense of community. The successful candidate has a combination of skills and education that enable success as Hillsboro's Assistant City Manager, such as a Bachelor's degree and 10 years of related experience. Experience in public, private, and/or nonprofit leadership is desired. A community-based background, customer interaction, and knowledge of community services is beneficial. The successful candidate embraces Hillsboro's culture and adheres to and delivers on the values and mission of the City.

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The Assistant City Manager is an at-will position with a salary range of $130,702 – $171,995. For a complete list of the City's extensive benefits, please visit

To Be Considered

Hiring unique individuals who reflect and enhance the diverse community Hillsboro serves is essential to delivering exceptional City services and programs. The City of Hillsboro is committed to creating and supporting an inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees to thrive. The City values, respects, and empowers employees' authentic voices and innovative ideas.

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The candidate pool will be reviewed on August 24, 2018. If the pool is deemed to be sufficient at that time the final date to submit application materials will be August 27, 2018.

Cover letters expressing your interest in the City of Hillsboro and how you would succeed in the role should be addressed to Heather Gantz. Please submit your resume and cover letter via Waldron's Candidate Web Portal.

The search for the City of Hillsboro's Assistant City Manager is being assisted by a team from Waldron:

Heather Gantz, Search Director


Robert Colichio, Senior Consultant