Neighborhood Program and Data Analyst

City of Madison, WI - Madison, WI (30+ days ago)

General Description

Application deadline extended until May 31, 3018 due to computer network issues.

The City of Madison's Community Development Division (CDD) is seeking a qualified, motivated professional to fill an important new position on our team. The CDD plays a central role in the City's efforts to promote the general well-being of its residents and the neighborhoods in which they live. We collaborate with a broad network of community partners on programs and activities that seek to make available to all Madison residents the basic resources and services that can materially affect their quality of life and open doors for future success. We devote particular attention to conditions that affect persons who face significant economic, cultural or social barriers to opportunity. We touch on many aspects of daily living including, for example, housing; positive child, youth and family development; economic self-sufficiency; successful aging for senior adults; crisis intervention and connection to community. We strive to offer support that is most impactful and responsive to those we serve while making the best possible use of public tax dollars that support our work.

The Position
The Neighborhood Program and Data Analyst will play a critical role in developing the CDD's capacity to use objective data to identify unmet service needs within Madison neighborhoods, mobilize City resources in response and evaluate the effectiveness of those efforts. The work will inform program, budget and policy decisions affecting how and where City resources are deployed, including specific plans for investments in neighborhood centers and other similar facilities that play a role in meeting service needs and building community within neighborhoods.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

Key responsibilities include:
  • Undertake an analysis of the current network of neighborhood centers and other community facilities to identify areas of the city that may be under-resourced.The analysis will encompass spatial and demographic data and will draw on input from community partners, including neighborhood center directors, regarding existing service capacities. It will serve as the basis for decisions regarding neighborhood center funding and placements across the city.
  • Within the framework of Results Madison, a new initiative seeking to align City agencies around a common set of performance-based strategic goals, provide technical support toward efforts to improve capabilities within CDD to use objective data to inform program, budget and policy decisions.
  • Help develop and implement methods and procedures to identify and analyze information useful in measuring the extent to which CDD-supported activities improve conditions within Madison neighborhoods and support residents, especially those struggling to overcome barriers to opportunity.
  • Develop recommended uniform performance measures for use in guiding resource allocation and program strategies.
  • Assist with planning and community engagement efforts around prospective community facility projects.
  • Prepare and present written and oral reports and visual representations of findings, and otherwise play a lead role for the Division in helping to disseminate relevant information to elected officials, policy makers and the public.
  • Coordinate research and planning efforts with external partners around topics that pertain to community development and human services.
  • Conduct and/or assist in the completion of racial equity analyses to help improve how the City gathers community input, makes decisions and allocates its resources.

For the exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities, please reference the classification specification.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration, Urban and Regional Planning, Social Work, Business Administration, Communications, Statistics, Finance or a related field.
  • Two years of professional analytical experience working in or with government programs, community development, budgets or other financial systems, quantitative analysis, economics or public policy.
If an applicant does not possess the experience listed above, HR will review the application materials to determine if the applicant possesses the following equivalent experience:

Four years of experience applying the following:
  • Concepts and principles surrounding community development and/or relevant service and project models which likely would be gained through work in a community-based organization or non-profit.
  • Roles and relationships between such things as housing stability, educational attainment, economic and social mobility, availability of child care, and equitable access to resources in supporting community and strengthening neighborhoods.
Two years of experience applying the following:
  • Principles and practices associated with racial equity and social justice in community development.
  • Budgetary and financial principles and practices.
  • Statistical analysis and data set management, including the utilization of data in performance management and budget development and monitoring.
  • Knowledge of and ability to use computer software applicable to the duties of the position.
Other key requirements of the position include:
  • A general understanding of the concepts and principles surrounding community development.
  • Demonstrated ability to synthesize complex information and concepts and convey them clearly to audiences of varying backgrounds.
  • Working knowledge of and ability to use computer software including Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, Excel. Knowledge of GIS, the Adobe Suite, Tableau or other data visualization software is desired but not required.
  • An understanding of community engagement strategies, especially working within a racial equity lens.
The City of Madison strives to provide exceptional customer service to all its citizens and visitors. Therefore, successful candidates will have demonstrated ability to work effectively with multicultural communities.

Members of our team are expected to:
  • Support and promote collaborative efforts to achieve mission requirements;
  • Promote teamwork;
  • Communicate openly, candidly and respectfully;
  • Employ appropriate techniques for problem solving and decision making; and
  • Ensure that the principles of equitable participation and opportunity are observed.

Special Requirements

Possession of a valid driver's license.

Physical Requirements:

Incumbents will be expected to attend meetings and provide presentations outside the normal work schedule, including evenings and weekends.

*The payroll title is Planner 2.