On Site Manager

Community Management Corporation - Rocky Mount, NC3.3

This job description is intended to provide you with a guide as to your primary responsibilities and duties as an
Property Manager on a day-to-day basis. It is not intended, however, as a procedures or "how to" manual. Your
individual Regional Property Manager will provide you with standard operating procedures.
Under the direction of your Regional Property Manager, you are responsible for the overall on-site operations of
the apartment project. Your normal duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

1. Secure approval for all advertising and marketing materials before placing such ads as directed by the
agent, Community Management Corporation.
2. Process applications by verifying eligibility; processing background screening and landlord history.
3. Interview and approve applicants and maintain active waiting list. Periodically update the waiting list to
confirm applicant status.
4. Execute leases, certifications and unit inspections with the resident upon move-in and at anniversary
5. Inspect all units per CMC policy to ensure lease compliance, assign Work Orders for any work noted,
and charge tenants for damages, if applicable.
6. Enforce Lease, House Rules, and any additional community rules.
7. Initiate and maintain Resident Files and Maintenance Files on each apartment unit in accordance with
HUD, RD and/or NCHFA and CMC guidelines.
8. Process annual certifications by monitoring BP
9. Collect rent and all other fees and charges when due and issue receipts.
10. Send letters to residents for past due amounts, lease violations, inspections, or any other correspondence
as needed and keep copy in resident file.
11. Pursue eviction through Magistrate's Court when necessitated by severe lease violations such as
12. Deposit rents and security deposits daily in the project bank accounts and email copies of the validated
deposit slips, BP Reports, and copies of checks to Property Accountant daily.
13. Project mail should be checked and opened daily and date stamped when received. (Either on-site
mailbox or Post Office Box)
14. Process Accounts Payable in BP on day bills arrive in office.
15. Answer phones, resident questions, and hand out applications to prospective residents
16. Prepare and submit Security Deposit Dispositions required attachments into BP within 15 days of moveout.
Under certain circumstances and with Regional PM Approval, an estimate letter may be mailed.
17. Prepare Work Orders in BP and supervise maintenance department to make sure work is completed. If
work order is beyond maintenance scope, contact outside vendors and set up repairs.
18. Prepare/submit via email "Weekly Marketing Report", if applicable, to Regional Property Manager and
designated administrative employee each Monday morning without fail.
19. Authorize and/or make small office and maintenance purchases for the project by charge or with small
petty cash fund, which Property Manager maintains.
20. Maintain all replacement logs as stated in the CMC Maintenance Policy Handbook.
21. Establish written emergency procedures for the property. Be prepared to handle emergency situations by
having emergency information available, i.e., telephone numbers, names of contacts, location of cut-off
valves for water and electrical sources, etc.
23. Make arrangements for activities and social programs with outside agencies for the tenants; maintain
good tenant and community relations.
24. Routinely monitor the appearance of the property for curb appeal and maintenance or janitorial items needing attention.