CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant

Cohesive Healthcare Management & Consulting - Fairfax, OK

Full-timeEstimated: $26,000 - $35,000 a year


Scope: Under the direct supervision of the Charge RN, is responsible and accountable for:

  • Receiving report from preceding shift and get assignments.
  • Taking vital signs at designated times.

>Give patient a warm wet washcloth before meals. Assist in washing face and hands when necessary.

  • Helping serve meal trays and recording amount eaten in percentage, as trays are collected and returned to the kitchen. Feed patients if necessary.

>Document oral fluids, jell-o, etc. on intake and output sheet if applicable.

  • Checking linen carts downstairs and put clean linen in linen closets, after delivery from laundry.
  • Giving bed baths, tub baths, assist with sponge baths. Give rubs hair grooming, oral hygiene after meals. Give passive exercise and range of motion if assigned.
  • Serving water and nourishment’s in morning and afternoon or on request. Record intake and output when ordered on worksheet.
  • Assisting in moving patients in bed, chair or in walking.
  • . Passing and emptying bedpans and urinals as needed.
  • . Collecting urine, fecal, and sputum specimens and taking to laboratory with requisitions. Uses universal precautions with blood and or body fluids at all times.
  • Emptying Foley catheter urine bags and suction drainage bottles and recording output on worksheet prior to leaving shift.
  • Reporting all unusual conditions or reactions of patients to charge nurse.
  • . Admitting new patients to an assigned bed. Inform charge nurse of patients’ desires for storage of valuables such as money, rings, watches, ect. Make out admission slip when admitting new patient to an assigned bed.

> Get Admission papers signed

  • . Assisting recovery room nurse as needed
  • . Filling water pitchers with ice and water at the end of shift for all patients that are not NPO.
  • . Emptying wastebaskets and straightening rooms and other areas, near end of shift.
  • Assisting in ER only at the request of nurses. Know how to initiate basic life support measures.
  • . Keeping utility and service rooms clean and in order. Replace supplies as needed.
  • Know hospital policies and responsibilities, and regularly attendance in in-service programs
  • Application of warm moist packs.
  • .Assisting in pre-operative and post-operative care of patients.
  • Checking to see if pre-operative patients as instructed.
  • Checking to see if pre-operative patient has on TED hose, if required by procedure.
  • Shave and prep pre-operative patient as instructed.
  • Cough and deep breathe post-operative patients.
  • Assisting in post-mortem care of patients.
  • Utilize the use of egg crates, walkers, posey belts, restraints, side rails, medi lift, slipp” and other safety equipment.
  • Giving skin and decubitus care using proper for alleviating pressure points.
  • Know how to apply air mattress.
  • Refrigerator cleaning and defrosting according to schedule and document refrigerator temperatures daily on calendar provided.

>Answer call lights promptly. Let the patient know that it is your pleasure, not just your job to assist them.

>Making complete rounds at beginning of shift to address any patient needs.

>Frequent bed checks to ensure patient safety. Rounds are to be at least every hour, more often if necessary.

> Participates in quality improvement activities.

> Performing other duties as assigned.

>Empty waste baskets in patient rooms, nurses’ station, and lounge. Straighten rooms and other areas, near end of shift. Clean bedside tables and over bed tables.

>Take away water at 9pm for patients on 12 hour NPO for special tests

>Take away water at midnight if patient is NPO for lab, x-ray procedures of surgery.

>Give backrubs when indicated, straighten bed, clean bed side table, and make patient comfortable for sleeping.

>Make sure bedrails are raised in PM.

>Check with charge nurse for additional assignments.

>Lock exterior doors and ensuing that all offices doors are locked in pm, as applicable.

>Completing diet order sheet and providing copy to dietary prior to end of shift.

>Pulling charge sheets from hanging file and placing them in pharmacy box on 2nd floor.

>Setting up isolation room and maintain isolation care according to isolation policy.

>Get daily patient weights before 7am.

>If report is not over by 7:30 am and breakfast trays arrive on the floor, give each patient a warm wet washcloth and begin passing meal trays until next shift is available to assume duties

>DO NOT leave floor until report has ended and next shift is able to assume their duties on the floor.

> Frequent lifting required.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time


  • Caregiver: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Long Term Care: 1 year (Preferred)
  • nursing: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) (Preferred)
  • CPR (Preferred)


  • CNA
  • BLS