Psychologist - Florida Licensed (Urgent Need) Piece work (Telehealth)

Klein - Orlando, FL3.8

Contract$200 - $300 a day
Klein Behavior Analysis is an accredited as a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence ranking in the top 5%. We provide behavior analytic services primarily to at risk patients and families, whom have a great need for services.

  • Psychologist must be licensed in accordance with Florida Chapter 490, F.S., their license needs to be active and in good standing.
This contract work is to provide:
A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, and resulting report which needs to includes all elements of a medical or psychological assessment including Bio-psychosocial assessment, past medical and psychiatric history, developmental history (as well as developmental progress), current/past medication trials, current/past therapy interventions, any medical/lab studies pertinent to the recipient, any imaging or EEG testing pertinent to the recipient, any psychological testing pertinent to recipient including ADOS and/or psychoeducational or IQ testing. And of course diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

This can be completed entirely remotely through Telemedicine, or in-person, that is your choice

Telehealth to diagnosis and evaluate is permitted under Chapter 2019-137,Florida Law, which became effective July 1st 2019.
We can provide any assessment materials you may require (Vineland, A-DOS etc..) at no cost to you, if needed.

Target population will typically be individuals under the age of 21, whose physician ordered behavior analysis service per a specific diagnosis, diagnosis are not required to be nor limited to Autism or developmental disorders, they can include any listed in the DSM 5 if and/or deemed appropriately per your evaluation, "unspecified" is the only kind not permitted for prior auth services, it is not our requirement but a state directive.

This is 100 % independent contract services, you will not pressured nor influenced, and will be allowed total independence in your assessment and evaluation, we will of course supply you with any records, or pertinent information for use at your discretion.

Your report can understandably contradict, a physician's diagnosis, and regardless will be accepted and paid accordingly.

This is self-paid, we will ensure you are appropriately reimbursed, and timely.
Final report must include all components listed above, as applicable.
Must have relatively immediate availability, and flexibility, and timely report delivery.
This is paid per evaluation and report all in one: Negotiable, generally $150-$200 contingent upon availability, flexibility, and experience, intensity or complexity of unique to case. This can be further negotiated.