Program Manager (Placement Services)

Government of the District of Columbia - Washington, DC3.3


Manages and develops processes and procedures within the units which align with CFSA’s focus on placement stability for youth in care. A strong focus on ensuring that placement services aligns with CFS social work practices to achieve permanency, optimal well-being and ongoing safety for youth. Coordinates with staff to support placement decisions that are evidence-based and/or based on best practice decisions in the best interests of the child. Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to improve systems that support placement stability.

Ensures that adequate placement resources are available for children/youth by participating in the process to design, develop and ensure they are placed in appropriate, least-restrictive settings and that services provided to foster care children meet the needs of those children and promotes permanency for them.

Provides direction, leadership, coaching, and mentoring to supervisors within the unit by analyzing program operations and activities and providing feedback regarding needs, improvements, and accomplishments, advising on projects and issues, serving as a technical resource. Reviews, develops and evaluates program plans, schedules, and direction.
Develops resources to provide community-based, prevention and out-of-home care and related supportive services for children. Ensures the availability of needed resources in each Ward of the District of Columbia to assure the needs of children and families are met within their own neighborhoods and assists in the qualitative review of contract proposals.
Compiles and analyzes data to determine placement trends and utilization, and continually improve strategies to achieve benchmarks for the unit.

Participates in and coordinates program activities by providing advice and assistance to CFSA leadership and confers with agency management and local and federal personnel regarding the child welfare system or individual case service needs issues and progress.

Performs administrative duties by reviewing drafts of legislation and policy, identifying administration needs, preparing budget requests, monitoring and approving expenditures and contracts, and preparing and presenting program or operation information and proposals.

Contributes to the selection of candidates, identifies and meets training needs, evaluates the performance of subordinate staff, interviews and selects managerial and administrative support staff, provides training opportunities, evaluates the performance of incumbents. Reviews and approves various administrative actions.

Stays informed of trends to develop new approaches in program development, implementation and evaluation; and in order to have an informed understanding of the evolving needs of children and families and placement needs.
Performs other related as assigned.
Conditions of Employment

MSS At-Will Statement: Positions in the Management Supervisory Service (MSS) serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and may be terminated at any time with or without cause.

Working Conditions: This position is deemed a protection sensitive position pursuant to DCMR 6B Section 411 and is subject to a criminal background check, traffic records, and drug and alcohol testing as applicable.

This position is not in the collective bargaining unit.


Basic Requirements:
Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of social work, as evidenced by a Masters of Social Work (MSW) from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, to administer placement services to children and foster parents.
Requires a comprehensive knowledge of resource development and placement strategies for children and foster/adoptive parents.
Thorough knowledge of related psychiatric, psychological and community resources available in the placement of children.
Requires a thorough knowledge of human behavior dynamics; sensitivity to cultural diversity, age, and religious differences affecting child rearing, family and kinship patterns, attitudes about illness, medical care and communication patterns to supervise social workers developing case plans, providing counseling and conducting home visits and investigations.
Must have knowledge about data analysis and trends for system improvements.
Must have knowledge of pertinent resources, legal status and related policies and procedures as affect children and families; knowledge of the structure, function and mission of the Child and Family Services Agency, to administer placement programs consistent with established goals and objectives.
Must have the ability to use Microsoft Office for electronic case management requirements.
Strong leadership and collaboration with all areas that impact on placement will be expected.

A Masters of Social Work (MSW) from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, to provide direct social services to individuals and families.

Must have Five (5) years of specialized experience.

Licensures, Certifications, and other requirements:
A current Social Work license (LGSW, LICSW-C) is preferred but not required.
Requires a valid driver’s license.
Closing Statement

Job Offers: Official Job Offers are made by the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency's Human Resources Only.

General Job Information

Tour Of Duty : 8:15 am - 4:45 pm

Promotion Potential: No

Duration of Appointment: Management Supervisory Service - Regular Appointment

1st Screening Dates: Every ten (10) days after initial posting.

Serves as Program Manager in the Placement Services Administration (PSA), Office of the Principal Deputy for Program Operations (ODDPO), Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA). The incumbent is responsible for managing placement services and operations, to include the enhancement, expansion and modification of placement resources available to children and youth in the care of CFSA. The Placement Manager oversees the Placement Resources and Missing Youth Locator Units.