Research Interviewer

Social Development Research Group, University of Washington - Lehigh Valley, PA


Part-time Research Study Interviewers

Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania

Project: The Lehigh Family Study

Salary & Hours: $16-$17/hour + mileage reimbursement; 20-30 hours/week (variable)

Project Background:

The Social Development Research Group (SDRG) is a renowned social research organization connected to the School of Social Work at the University of Washington. We are currently hiring part-time staff located in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania to conduct in-person computer assisted interviews and health measures with research study participants in the Lehigh Family Study. The position will last approximately 8 months, beginning in June 2019 and continuing into the winter of 2019. The Lehigh Family Study is a longitudinal study that started in the mid-1970s at Lehigh University with the goal of identifying the causes and consequences of child maltreatment. It continues now at the UW and University of Michigan with a focus on lifecourse patterns of intergenerational violence including elder abuse as well as the biological indicators of long-term stress.

Essential Functions:

The primary function of the Research Study Interviewer is to contact study participants, schedule, and complete in-person interviews. These interviews will involve a computer-assisted survey (about 2 hours in length) and the collection of health measures, including height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, grip strength, lung function, and capillary blood serum (via a finger prick). Interviewers will use various modes of contact (phone, email, social media, and in-person visits), resources, and techniques to schedule interviews. Project work will be decentralized, with each interviewer working out of their home. Travel will be required to conduct in-person visits at participants’ homes and to deliver blood specimens to a central storage location. Most travel will be in the greater Lehigh Valley area; some longer distance and out of state travel may be necessary in areas where study participants are concentrated outside of PA. All travel expenses and mileage will be covered by SDRG. Training will be provided and interviewers will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the project, work expectations, and a mastery of basic interviewing and health measure collection protocols before beginning work on the project.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Successfully completing all required training (approximately 40 hours)
  • Demonstrating an understanding of interviewing and health measure techniques and protocols
  • Motivating respondents to schedule and complete the interview as soon as possible; assisting the project in meeting completion goals
  • Scheduling and conducting in-person computer-assisted interviews with study respondents in their homes or other private locations; conducting phone interviews as needed.
  • Collect health measurements including height, weight, BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure, heart rate, lung function, grip strength, and capillary blood collection (a healthcare background is not required to conduct these activities and training will be provided)
  • Proper handling and delivery of blood samples to the central storage location within the required timeframe.
  • Contacting respondents at their last known location and implementing locating strategies as needed to uncover new contact information
  • Keeping detailed and accurate records of all project activities
  • Implementing refusal prevention techniques for hesitant participants; maintaining high response rates
  • Traveling to conduct in-person interviews with study participants in PA (and out-of-state as needed)
  • Adhering to project protocols, assuring confidentiality of subject information, using project tools properly
  • Reporting promptly, reliably, and accurately to your Supervisor and other project staff
  • Having regular access to an internet connection for communication and data transmissions
  • Serving as a team member - participating in weekly on-line team meetings, providing ongoing feedback on survey administration and procedures, assisting in problem-solving solutions
  • Participating in regular individual supervisory meetings
  • Assisting with other data collection and clerical tasks as needed


  • Comfortable learning new technology; able to handle working with multiple software applications (specifically MS Office Suite and data collection software)
  • Strong ability to work independently
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to build rapport easily with a diverse population
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to consistently follow detailed instructions
  • Flexible schedule with the ability to regularly work evenings and weekends
  • Previous customer service experience can be helpful
  • Experience working on a research project or understanding of data collection process preferred

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be physically able to carry the necessary equipment, including a laptop computer. The total weight of required equipment is estimated at 25 pounds
  • Must be able to conduct blood collection procedures at interviews (training provided)
  • Must be willing to travel as needed, stand, walk, climb stairs, and sit for at least 4 hours
  • Must communicate through speech, listening, and electronically with project staff and study participants


  • Have a reliable personal vehicle available for business use, valid Driver’s License, and the ability to travel regularly
  • Minimum of two years of college-level course work in a relevant academic area OR equivalent education/experience

Work Schedule:

  • Variable Hours including weekdays, evenings, and weekends
  • This is a part-time temporary position

For more information about the Social Development Research Group:

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary

Salary: $16.00 to $17.00 /hour


  • related experience and/or college level coursework: 2 years (Required)


  • Lehigh Valley, PA (Required)


  • Driver's License (Required)

Work Location:

  • Remote/Work from home
  • Multiple locations
  • On the road

Working days:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Employment Length:

  • Varies