Software Developer

KBR - Asheville, NC

Software Developer – Asheville, NC
Position Description: KBR is looking for a software developer to join the Scientific Software Reengineering Group (SSRG) at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) in Asheville, NC. The successful candidate will be responsible for collaborating with scientists, system operators, and software platform teams to guide the transformation of both existing NCEI operational software and new scientific research into the NCEI Common Data Services (CDS) enterprise platform. Work will initially be focused on assisting the successful completion of the ongoing Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) re-engineering effort.

Responsibilities include:
Refactor legacy code to support completion of the ASOS re-engineering project
Perform expert analysis of legacy and research science software systems
Refactor scientific software using established SSRG methods and tools Master and maintain knowledge of SSRG methods and tools and the CDS platform
Support conversion of scientific research to CDS
Support migration of legacy operational systems to CDS
Establish and maintain trust relationships with science and CDS teams
Develop and present proof-of-concept demos of SSRG and CDS tools
Support re-engineering of legacy operational systems and applications outside of CDS

Required Skills:
Expertise in application development and mastery of best development practices
Experience with scientific data systems and research derived software. Experience with software design, software architecture.
Expertise in code analysis, refactoring, code structuring, and peer review Experience with multiple object oriented, procedural, and functional languages
Experience with Fortran (3 years), Java (3 years), C (2+ years), and Python
Experience with software testing, test driven development, and version control
Must possess excellent soft skills and be able to communicate complex ideas and concepts to both scientists and technologists
Must be able to obtain Federal Security Clearance - Public Trust

Preferred Skills:
Familiarity with various NCEI datasets or systems
Experience with containers, microservices, and configuration management
Experience with cloud computing, big data, distributed computing, and API mapping
Experience with polyglot programming
Previous experience as a solutions engineer and/or architect

Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Physics, Mathematics, Atmospheric Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related discipline.