Animal Control Officer- Police Department

Howard County, MD - Columbia, MD (30+ days ago)3.0

This is animal control work performed at the full performance level enforcing the relevant sections of the Howard County Code and Maryland Criminal Laws pertaining to animals. Assignments include investigating animal cruelty and neglect complaints, animal bite cases and nuisance violations.

Work is performed under close supervision from a technical superior. Assignments are stable in nature and performed in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.

Contacts with others are extensive and sensitive, including contacts with the public, Police Department, Health Department, and Sheriff's Office and other public and private organizations.

Responsible for an assigned area of the County to conduct investigations, capture, restrain and transport domestic and wild animals.

Investigates complaints of violations of the animal control provisions of the Howard County Code and Maryland Criminal Laws.

Ability to conduct a thorough investigation to include gathering of evidence, statements, and other documentation to support civil and/or criminal charges.

Ability to write clear and complete reports, search warrants, statement of charges and provide testimony at a hearing board or court of law.

Ability to safely interact with animals, both domestic and wild. Identify and evaluate injuries and illnesses of animals.

Develop rapport with the public and educate owners where applicable.

Humanely euthanizes animals.

Required work schedules include day, evening, night, weekends, holidays, shift changes and mandatory overtime, often without advance notice.

Works at the animal shelter caring for animals and shelter property.

Responsible for vehicle and equipment maintenance.

Performs other duties as assigned or required.

Any combination of education and experience equivalent to the completion of the twelfth school grade and some experience dealing with animals other than personal pets is desirable.

Knowledge of the safety precautions and hazards involved in animal control work.
Knowledge of the provisions of the Howard County Code that pertain to animal control and applicable State laws.
Ability to deal gently and calmly with all types of animals.
Ability to handle animals with strength when required.
Ability to perform the humane euthanasia of animals.
Ability to deal tactfully and effectively with the public.
Ability to perform various physical tasks such as chasing and climbing to capture or rescue animals.
Ability to prepare reports and forms.
Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.

Possession of a valid Maryland driver's license.

Exposure to vicious, rabid and disease-infected domestic animals and wildlife. Exposure to outdoor weather elements.