Data Operations Analyst (Data Analytics)

Optimal - Dearborn, MI3.9

Position Description:
The Data Operations analyst discovers and curates new and existing data sources (external data providers, public data, social media, digital exhaust, proprietary and transactional data, etc.) for use in building incremental value and insight for the business. Analyst will make recommendations for alternative ways to bring data to life to solve business problems. At times, the problem is identified by a business unit, frequently wishing to optimize cost, revenue, or improve quality, and at times problems are formulated by the Data Scientists. The Analyst identifies internal and external data sources and enables skill teams and analytics teams to leverage the data with their analytic tools to answer their key questions. The role will be responsible for discovering and curating data sources, including: Creating data standards, developing data security recommendations, assessing data quality and creating required transformations. Collaborating with IT teams to support data collection, integration, and retention requirements based on the input collected with the business. Acting as the data steward to ensure that all information utilized adheres to compliance, access management, and control policies as set forth by GDIA. Providing on-going tracking and monitoring of performance of decision systems and statistical models Solving client analytics problems and communicates results and methodologies. Working in iterative processes with the client and validates findings. Modeling and framing business scenarios that are meaningful and which impact on critical business processes and/or decisions. Working closely with different teams to solve problems related to client analytics. Performing experimental design approaches to validating findings or testing hypothesis which provide business value. Working cross-functionally to manage data and analytic projects. Improving department results through innovation.

Skills Required:
Strong data analysis skills. Strong collaboration and communications skills. Ability to come up with solutions to loosely defined business problems by leveraging pattern detection over potentially large datasets. Proven ability to communicate (both orally and visually) findings to make data analysis actionable and understandable by business partners, including IT and analytics. Experience with data analysis tools such as: SQL, Hadoop, Teradata, SAS, Excel, Access, etc. Business development and relationship building to establish partnerships with third parties and internal stakeholders.

Skills Preferred:
Proficiency in statistical analysis and techniques, quantitative analytics, forecasting/predictive analytics, multivariate testing, and optimization algorithms.

Experience Required:
3-5 years of relevant quantitative and qualitative experience in research and analytics

Education Required:
Bachelor's degree in Business, Information Technology, Analytics or other relevant discipline. Prefer Master's degree in Business, Information Technology, Analytics