Academic Math Coach

Prairie Seeds Academy - Brooklyn Park, MN



Prairie Seeds Academy is a K-12 public charter school located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Our teachers and staff work very hard to create and sustain a warm, safe and productive atmosphere for learning. We are committed to the pursuit of providing high-rigor academics along with encouraging our students to be global thinkers and learners. With today's diversity, we want our students to adapt successfully to change, be life-long learners, and care and understand others. We want our students to be prepared for the world so they can become a contributing member of society.

Vision Statement: Our PSA Community members are inspired global thinkers, who will understand the importance of inquiry, lifelong learning, intercultural awareness, respect, and adaptability as they become future leaders.

Mission Statement: Prairie Seeds Academy, in cooperation with families and community, provides leadership in rigorous education to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring citizens who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.


PSA believes that every scholar has the right to learn, be engaged, and grow in a healthy school environment. PSA must foster a culture of learning that embraces every scholar’s strengths to achieve optimal growth and learning. PSA strives to explore ways to strengthen our relationships with our scholars and their families. PSA is committed to building collaborative leadership at an effective capacity among staff, parents and scholars. This is accomplished by changing our behaviors and actions so we can better support our scholars and parents in achieving their academic goals. Employees coming to PSA must share, understand, and implement this culture of learning at all levels of the organization through consistency. By having consistency, we can shift not only the behaviors of our staff, but our students and parents will equally be engaged in the process. PSA seeks individuals who will optimistically and confidently abide by this culture of learning.

The core values that drive PSA’s culture of learning are:

  • Aiming for High Academic Achievement
  • Embracing Cultural Pride and Identity
  • Modeling the Way
  • Understanding How Data Drives Decisions
  • Having High Expectations
  • Creating a Social-Emotional Learning Environment


Job Title:

Academic Coach (Math)

Reports to:

Educational Leaders


7:15am – 3:40pm, Monday through Friday

Office Location:

6200 W Broadway Ave N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

Salary Range:



Under the direction of Thrive Education, a subsidiary of Hmong American Partnership, the Principal, and Educational Leaders, the Academic Coach (Math) works closely with all math and science instructors to design, implement, coordinate, develop, and facilitate strategies and methodologies that will support the PSA math frame work. This includes developing and managing a curriculum that aligns with local and state standards, particularly the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA). As the Academic Coach (Math), he/she will ensure that all math and science instructors receive ongoing support in diversifying instructional strategies and tactics for students’ success, including family participation. PSA supports an ever-evolving learning environment for scholars and families, thus the Academic Coach (Math) is encouraged to challenge all math and science teachers in this process.

The Academic Coach (Math) must demonstrate a strong work ethic, have integrity, and is accountable to his/her actions. He/she will align himself/herself with PSA’s core principles and understands the unique challenges of an immigrant and refugee community. A successful Academic Coach (Math) will also have experience in a high performing fast paced environment.



  • Assists with the designing of the PSA math curriculum in alignment with state guidelines
  • Constantly reviews curriculum and makes changes throughout the year when appropriate
  • Observes classroom instruction to ensure teachers are following the PSA math curriculum and is on target with curriculum timeline
  • Ensures that all teachers have tools and resources to implement curriculum in the classroom
  • Makes curriculum changes and recommendations to CEO and Principal

Instructional Strategy

  • Meets regularly with math instructors to review classroom strategies and tactics that will encourage student success
  • Evaluates student academic needs, implements instructional designs that cater to their needs and communicates with parents to help them understand student academic needs
  • Works closely with instructors, principal, education leaders, and CEO to periodically review current strategies and makes changes where appropriate
  • Develops specific instructional strategies to support instructors to each grade level


  • Works closely with students, parents, teachers and dean of students to assist teachers in identifying students who are under performing
  • Develops individual and group intervention programs specific to the needs of students
  • Identifies strategies that will increase student performance

Professional Development

  • Investigate and research new, diverse, and innovative instructional strategies to support classroom instruction
  • Identifies and participates in local, state, and/or federal trainings and conferences to continue professional development
  • Constantly meets with instructors to identify and develop classroom goals including revising goals and expectations
  • Provides constructive feedback to instructors when appropriate.
  • Encourages and provides ongoing professional support and growth for teachers
  • Coaches and mentors instructors and makes performance recommendations to the principal and CEO as needed
  • Work with the principal and education leaders to identify professional development activities related to school improvement plans and academic goals

Data and Reporting

  • Constantly reviews classroom and student performance to make needed recommendations for teachers
  • Reviews local, district, and state data to implement instructional plans and strategies
  • Presents data from assessments (MCA, FastBridge, IXL, Benchmark Check-ins) and recommends strategies to CEO and principal for approval
  • Presents data to teachers and assists in developing classroom strategies
  • Identifies achievement gaps and work with teachers to develop tools and resources for students at risk
  • Works with teachers to identify underperforming students vs students who meet or exceed expectations and assists in developing strategies for promoting growth of all students


  • A. Required. Master’s degree in related field preferred
  • Valid teaching license from the Minnesota Department of Education
  • At least 5 years of successful classroom teaching experience in an urban setting preferred
  • Formal experience mentoring teachers in effective math instruction and assessment strategies
  • Knowledge of math and curriculum and development (including applied math in science)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a variety of assessment tools
  • Have knowledge of best practices, instructional strategies, classroom management and behavior management
  • Knowledge of Gradual Release of Responsibilities (GRR) is a plus
  • Knowledge of Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) is a plus
  • Knowledge of SciMathMN is plus
  • Proficient technology skills in Google Drive, MS Office and other software/programs
  • Outstanding communication, presentation and facilitation skills including effective verbal and written communication skill
  • Communicates recommendations and suggestions clearly to all persons
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills; ability to connect and build positive relationships with teachers and staff
  • Ability to lead and collaborate; strong leadership skills necessary
  • Ability to accomplish tasks under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Ability to manage time, prioritize and efficiently follow through on tasks, assignments, and projects
  • Serve as a role model for promoting effective instruction and professionalism
  • Demonstrate respect for students, colleagues, parents and school leadership
  • Believe in and support the vision and mission of PSA

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $55,000.00 to $70,000.00 /year


  • teaching: 5 years (Required)


  • MN teaching license (Required)