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Honeywell - Broomfield, CO

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Honeywell Quantum Solutions is focused on developing the world’s most advanced quantum computers, with ‘full stack’ capability from user interface software to the hardware layer and trapped ions. Our outstanding team of scientists and engineers leverages expertise in complex hardware and software control systems, advanced optics and lasers, magnetics, cryogenics, atomic physics, and ultra-high vacuum environments to design and build systems with best-in-class performance in terms of both fidelity and qubit count. Honeywell believes quantum information systems will revolutionize the way many industries work. As a leading technology company, we intend to help shape the adoption and integration of those systems into the markets of our customers. We’re hiring the world’s best physicists and quantum engineers to make it happen.

You will have a deep understanding of atomic and optical physics and have intimate knowledge of standard laboratory practices and techniques within your specific field of research.

Key Responsibilities:
  • You will apply previous experience in atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics to design, develop, and perform experiments in a laboratory environment, and apply the results to the development of a mature product
  • You will also be expected to assist in developing new concepts, write project proposals, and develop new technologies for future products
  • PhD in Science or Engineering (thesis successfully defended before start date)
  • Minimum 2 years' experience involving one or more of the following areas: optics, vacuum systems, electronics, cryogenics, atomic physics, and/or lasers (PhD inclusive)
  • Due to US export control laws, must be a US citizen
  • Formal background in AMO physics with a proven track record of applying physical principles in the construction of complex systems
  • Experience with laser cooling and trapping of ions (preferred) or neutral atoms (acceptable)
  • Experience with quantum gates, quantum algorithms and quantum simulations
  • Experience with laser systems, including diode lasers and optical cavities
  • Knowledge of opto-electronic devices, including photo-detectors and lasers
  • Experience designing and testing micro optical systems
  • Working knowledge of control systems and signal processing
  • Experience with cryogenic systems
  • Ability to perform simulation and modelling to inform experiments
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, with published results within their field of research.
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills, and be good at working and negotiating with customers and partners
Additional Information
Category: Engineering
Location: 303 S. Technology Ct., Broomfield, CO 80021 USA
Must be a US Citizen due to contractual requirements.