CIAC Watch Center/Safe2Tell Supervisor

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Department Information
Applicants must be a current resident of the State of Colorado at the time of application to be eligible for this position.

This announcement will be open to the first 25 applicants or until 5 pm March 27, 2019, whichever occurs first.

Our Mission - Engaged employees working together to safeguard lives and to provide diverse public safety services to local communities.

Our Vision - Creating safer and more resilient communities across Colorado.

Our Core Values – Unity, Honor, Service

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The Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS) consists of five Divisions: Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Colorado State Patrol (CSP), Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ), Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC), and the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM). The Executive Director's Office (EDO) provides administrative and management services to the operating divisions of the department.


Our employees are proud of their work and believe their work is important and valued by the public.

Our supervisors do a great job managing employees, providing clear expectations, treating employees with respect and providing timely feedback.

We value a high work-life balance.

CDPS is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome diversity of backgrounds and ideas.

In addition to rewarding meaningful work, we offer a competitive benefits package that includes:

Excellent work-life programs, training, and professional development opportunities;

Retirement benefits including PERA Defined Benefit Plan or PERA Defined Contribution Plan plus 401K and 457 plans;

Medical and dental options (for permanent employees and their dependents).

Short and optional long-term disability coverage

10 paid holidays per year plus vacation and sick leave.

Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP) available in every region of the state.

Subsidized RTD FlexPass and free parking at most work locations.

Reduced college tuition (CSU Global, DeVry University, University of the Rockies), and the CDPS Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Life insurance that includes legal resources and discounts.

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Description of Job
This position resides within the DHSEM Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC). The CIAC serves as the focal point within the state for receiving, analyzing and sharing threat-related information among private sector, local, tribal, and federal partners. The CIAC also provides situational awareness and a common operating picture with coordinated information collection, analysis, dissemination for Colorado Department of Public safety (CDPS). This information exchange utilizes the following strategies:

  • Information gathering and analysis- Receipt, review, analysis and dissemination of pertinent homeland security intelligence and with the Watch Center, producing consolidated situational awareness information and intelligence during any major incident.
  • Dissemination of reports and best practices- Produces reports for law enforcement and non-law enforcement personnel for the purpose of information sharing on criminal acts that may be related to acts of terrorism or terrorism threats that may directly affect Colorado.
  • Integration with a national fusion network- Integrated into the national network of state fusion centers, which have the ability to share information at all levels with federal, state, tribal and local agencies.
The Watch Center contains 24/7 analysts and CSP Troopers who provide a common operating picture and coordinated information collection, analysis, dissemination for CDPS and our state and local leaders and partners on significant incidents affecting Colorado. The focus is on a more coordinated CDPS approach to collection, analysis and dissemination of information before, during and after an incident. The goal is to maintain 24/7 situational awareness of any event or incident-either natural or man-made-that may require a state response or be of interest to state-level leadership and includes 24/7 analytical support for our local partners. The Watch Center includes the Safe2Tell unit which was transferred from CSP Dispatch to the Watch Center during the 2018 Legislative Session. Safe2Tell analysts handle all calls/texts/app submissions and will perform analytics with a focus on prevention as needed for the receiving entity and support the receiving agency with any continuing investigation, as needed.

Position duties:
Supervisory and Administrative 50%
Develops and implements the administrative steps for the unit to ensure the unit meets the expectations of the Watch Center. Routinely assesses progress and take necessary steps for success.
Identifies topics and implement projects that will support the Watch Center priority requirements.
Implements administrative steps for the unit to ensure the applicable Watch Center performance measures are met by the unit.
Reviews work products produced in the Watch Center and Threat Analysis components as needed
Ensures appropriate training is maintained and current with members on all aspects within the Watch Center / Safe2Tell/Threat Analysis component as needed.
Facilitates internal and external collaboration within the Watch Center and with external partners.
Coordinates with the other unit supervisors to ensure adequate personnel coverage and daily operational logistics of the Watch Center occurs.
Ensures the unit complies with CIAC policies and training requirements.
Sets priorities, determines project deadlines, and manages personnel workload for the unit.
Communicates with local, state, federal and tribal partners as a member of the CIAC's leadership team.
Serves as the unit supervisor for staff assigned to the unit. This includes developing personnel Performance Management Plans, conducting performance evaluations and satisfactorily addressing personnel grievances or misconduct issues.
Guides unit personnel on assignments, setting priorities and technical aspects of product development and continuing investigative assistance, as applicable.
Problem-solves management issues pertaining to this unit's responsibilities and other tasks consistent with the supervisory role within the Watch Center.
Implements and exercises previous mid-upper level supervisory leadership, experience and management skills related to Law Enforcement practices/investigations or the equivalent which may be associated with high profile incidents involving multiple agencies.
Law Enforcement - Intelligence Investigative Subject Matter Expert 35%
Utilizes technical/law enforcement investigative expertise in investigative theories and methods to guide analysts in gathering, analyzing and creating products within the Watch Center.
Utilizes law enforcement or similar investigative expert knowledge to adjust Watch Center documents for the intended audience of law enforcement entities and assess dissemination options for documents created by partner agencies to best facilitate the needs of outside partners.
This experience is attributed to intelligence gathering, investigative procedures and analysis of information for the purposes of developing and coordinating timely and relevant products to Law Enforcement and/or outside partners.
Other duties 15%
Serves as a member of the Watch Center/CIAC leadership team by reviewing and approving Watch Center products prior to dissemination and overview/direction related to Safe2Tell analyst preliminary investigative work-ups as needed.
Performs other duties as assigned
Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights
Applicants must be a current State of Colorado resident at the time application is submitted.

Requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in criminal justice or closely related field, and four years experience performing in the field of law enforcement crime and/or intelligence units, including at least two years experience supervising or working with crime intelligence analyst personnel.

This experience must be substantiated within the Work Experience section of your application. "See Resume" will not be accepted. In addition, part-time work will be prorated. If you use a bachelor's degree to meet the qualifications you must supply an unofficial copy of your college transcript.

Crime and intelligence analysis is defined as: collecting, validating, analyzing, and disseminating crime and intelligence data; predicting and forecasting of future criminal activity; developing target criminal profiles; documenting associations and relationships between people, organizations, and events; the use of statistical and logic methods to predict crime problems; and the use of technology to document activities and locations. Supervision is defined as: making decisions that affect the pay, status and tenure of subordinate employees.

Additional appropriate experience as defined above will substitute for the bachelor degree requirement on a year-for-year basis. A masters degree in criminal justice or closely related field may substitute for one year of the required crime and intelligence analysis experience.

Preferred qualifications
The preferred experience, competencies and abilities are highly desirable for this position and will be considered in selecting the successful candidate:
Professional experience working within the law enforcement field and/or fusion centers directly.
Administrative management/supervisory experience related to criminal investigative work product.
Tactical criminal justice experience related to the evolution of critical and/or rapidly evolving incidents.
Required competencies
Ability to model high standards of honesty, integrity, trust, openness and respect for individuals by applying these values daily.
Ability to set well-defined and realistic personal goals; to organize and work efficiently; and complete assignments in a timely manner.
Proven ability to lead a staff of professional subordinates.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Excellent interpersonal and conflict management skills.
Ability to train and supervise staff.
Ability to respond to changes in the work unit in a positive, professional manner.
Ability to promote positive, collaborative, professional working relations among co-workers both within and outside of the work unit.
Ability and willingness to participate in team meetings, committees, special projects, etc. as required and/or assigned by management.
Ability and willingness to work in a team environment to complete assigned work tasks.

Conditions of employment
Requires successful completion of a pre-employment background investigation and polygraph.
Requires ability to obtain a U.S. DHS SECRET clearance within 1 year of employment.
Required to work various shifts, days, afternoons, graveyards (nights) which includes a rotating shift schedule when needed.

Appeal Rights
If you receive notice that you have been eliminated from consideration for the position, you may protest the action by filing an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the date you receive notice of the elimination. Also, if you wish to challenge the selection and comparative analysis process, you may file an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the receipt of notice or knowledge of the action you are challenging. Refer to Chapters 4 and 8 of the State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures, 4 CCR 801, for more information about the appeals process. The State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures are available at A standard appeal form is available at: If you appeal, your appeal must be submitted in writing on the official appeal form, signed by you or your representative, and received at the following address within 10 days of your receipt of notice or knowledge of the action: Colorado State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director, Attn: Appeals Processing, 1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, CO 80203. Fax: 303-866-5038. Phone: 303-866-3300. The ten-day deadline and these appeal procedures also apply to all charges of discrimination.

ADAAA Accommodations
Any person with a disability as defined by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) may be provided a reasonable accommodation upon request to enable the person to complete an employment assessment. To request an accommodation, please contact CDPS Human Resources at 303-239-4427 or at least five business days before the assessment date to allow us to evaluate your request and prepare for the accommodation. You may be asked to provide additional information, including medical documentation, regarding functional limitations and type of accommodation needed. Please ensure that you have this information available well in advance of the assessment date.

Supplemental Information
Applications are considered complete and accurate at the time of submission. Therefore, additional information may not be solicited or accepted after your application has been received. All applications that are received by the closing of this announcement will be reviewed against the minimum qualifications in this announcement for qualification purposes.

Upon meeting the minimum qualifications, the next phase of the assessment process will consist of a structured application review. Utilizing your application, resume, cover letter and transcripts (you must include transcripts if substituting education for experience), and your responses to the supplemental questions, the review is a comparative analysis against the listed required competencies, job duties and/or preferred qualifications in this announcement to determine technical competence, depth and breadth of experience and job fit and in comparison to all other applicants for this position. It is imperative that you provide adequate detail on your application, resume and cover letter and supplemental questions to describe how you meet and/or exceed the requirements for this position.

If you are a military veteran you must submit a copy of your DD-214, Member 4 Copy, and VA disability letter if available/applicable at the time of application so we can determine if you are eligible for veteran's preference points. Military personnel who are stationed outside of Colorado may be eligible for this position by submitting the completed DD-2058 "State of Legal Residence" form.

The top group of applicants will be invited to Interview, anticipated to be held in Lakewood the week of April 8, 2019.