K-12 Private School Teachers In Florida!

Southern Teachers Agency - Florida

Full-timeEstimated: $57,000 - $80,000 a year

SOUTHERN TEACHERS is seeking teachers for jobs at private, college-preparatory, K-12 schools in Florida.

We currently have openings for:

  • Math Teachers
  • Science Teachers
  • STEM/Technology Teachers
  • English Teachers
  • History Teachers
  • Elementary Teachers
  • P.E. Teachers
  • Music Teachers
  • Art Teachers
  • School Counselors
  • Librarians

Private/Independent schools can be terrific places to work!They have small class sizes, allowing teachers to create a more intimate learning environment. Teachers have the flexibility and autonomy to forge their own paths to excellence. Engaged faculties help support and foster first-time teachers as they become part of the school community. And parental involvement effectively creates a classroom beyond the school walls.

At these schools, quality isn’t just test scores and college acceptances; it’s also the unique way teachers maximize the potential of their students.

Requirements for K-12 Teachers at Private/Independent Schools

  • Bachelor's degree with at least a 3.0 GPA is essential.
  • For many middle- and high-school subjects, private schools will hire teachers who do NOT necessarily have a teaching certificate.
  • For example, these schools can hire a math major to teach Math or a chemistry major to teach Science.
  • Elementary teaching jobs absolutely do require the successful completion of an accredited teacher training program and valid teacher certification.
  • For some other jobs (Music, Art, P.E.) teacher certification is strongly preferred.
  • In areas where there are typically a lot of candidates, e.g., History and English, then teacher training or a master's degree may be required for you to be a competitive candidate.
  • Must currently already have permission to work in the United States

TO APPLY: Submit an application at www.SouthernTeachers.com

About Southern Teachers:

Southern Teachers was founded in 1902. We are a traditional teacher agency; in fact, we're the oldest one in America.

What, you may ask, is a "teacher agency"? A century ago, there were hundreds of them; today only a very few. Simply put, a teacher agency is a highly specialized employment agency--we help teachers find jobs and schools find teachers.

The schools we work with today are private/independent, college-preparatory schools all over the South. We work with 600 of them from Maryland to Miami to Midland, Texas. They list thousands of jobs with us each year.

We try to help you get one of those great jobs.

If you become a candidate with Southern Teachers, you'll certainly interact with us via your online account on our website. But it's important for you to know that all our work to help you find a job is done the old-fashioned way: by actual humans, not by algorithms or applicant tracking systems or digital screening devices.

Trained placement counselors interview every one of our candidates, and check your references, too, so that we can find jobs that you would want to do--and jobs that you can do. Your success as a teacher reflects on our work as a teacher agency, and the hundreds of schools that enlist our help to find teachers would not return to us decade after decade if we were not successful, i.e., if we didn't find teachers who wanted to be in their schools and could do the job well.

Your placement counselor advises you and advocates for you in a competitive job market, but you, the candidate, directs the search. Our conversations with you help us to ascertain which jobs out of the thousands listed with us each year might be right for you.

This is a FREE service for candidates! It's free because schools pay for our work; they pay because they value our efforts to recruit and screen candidates.

You have a choice. You can continue throwing darts at the great job board in the cloud . . . or you can come to the experts and let us help you find a great teaching job. Apply to Southern Teachers today.

It's true that we cannot help every individual who applies; some applications will be rejected. But the candidates we accept are ones we believe we can help find a great job. This means we will either be honestly encouraging as we respond to your Southern Teachers application . . . or honestly direct in telling you that we are not a good resource for your job search.

We know that Indeed.com has its own robust application system, but if you want the oldest teacher agency in America--the premier agency in the South--to help you find a great job, you'll need to complete our application at SouthernTeachers.com

Job Type: Full-time