District Manager at Palm Beach Tan

Old Trinity Management Company, a Palm Beach Tan Franchisee - Tyler, TX

Title: District Manager

Reports To:Director of Operations

Direct Reports: Store Managers


Direct, coordinate and oversee Palm Beach Tan operations within a district to ensure specific and direct alignment with companywide goals. Accountable for all aspects of PBT operations, including adherence to PBT quality standards, systems and procedures. Direct stores with sales-building as a continual focus.

Responsible for monitoring and controlling costs including labor, cost of sales, sales revenue and profitability. Responsible for recruiting, hiring, developing and maintaining the highest quality staff. Work collaboratively with all Palm Beach Tan operators and support personnel and ensure timely and effective communications on all projects and initiatives. Able to see the Big Picture on any issue.


Act with integrity in all aspects of the job function, maintaining maximum professionalism at all
Establish open, candid and trusting relationships with store managers and staff, demonstrating respect for diversity and differences; develop and demonstrate a collaborative team approach at all levels.
Focus continually on the customer needs; actively seek customer feedback with a view to process improvement and clarification of existing communication channels.
Establish challenging performance standards and support team members in the attainment of those goals; create enthusiasm, a feeling of investment in the company, and a desire to excel.
Communicate effectively with all levels of staff to ensure the highest level of operational effectiveness according to PBT standards and ethics and foster open communication at all levels.
Conduct regular one-on-ones with each store manager to ensure goals are achieved on a timely basis, and to support the development and success of each team member.
Accurately assesses the strengths and developmental needs of each team member; gives timely, specific feedback and helpful coaching; let people know when they are doing well and when results are not meeting expectations.
Build strong teams with complementary strengths; identify and address staffing issues, including scheduling, promotions, staffing ratios and turnover.
Foster commitment to the PBT mission and culture; align team priorities to those of the company; provide a clear sense of direction to each store including clarification of priorities; clarify roles and responsibilities and establish lines of accountability.
Hold all team members accountable for maintaining standards and following procedures; take effective action accordingly if team members do not do so according to HR policy.
Demonstrate commitment to maintaining a positive people development environment at all levels with a view to reducing turnover and maximizing retention.
Plan for effective succession management including training and development for all individuals to ensure ongoing company growth.
Educate store personnel on industry trends and best practices; ensure that all stores are kept abreast of changing situations and guide them through transitions accordingly to maintain operations continuity.
Assist in the Certification of Training stores and develop Senior Store Managers in the training capacity.
Assist with facilitation of management development workshops and conferences.


Design and present quarterly action plans and project lists to the Director of Operations regarding sales- building strategies, in accordance with PBT marketing initiatives.
Provide specific strategic direction to the stores within the district. Communicate these strategies to ensure consistency with Operations and goal alignment.
Conduct regular store visits and follow-up with all managers and staff. Present feedback to the store managers accordingly.
Protect the integrity of operating systems including strict adherence to all operating and HR standards.
Protect the validity of the Certified Training Store Program, through continuous follow-up and updates.
Demonstrate ability and knowledge to identify problems and suggest solutions in accordance with quality operating standards and HR policies.
Ensure through communication to operations leadership group of all district projects and initiatives; seek input, feedback and sign-off for every project from Director of Operations.
Create plans of action and steps for improvement to ensure continual district growth, progress and profitability.
Monitor operational quality at all times, evaluate products, services and facilities against current operating and quality standards.

Plan and direct implementation of annual budgets and performance targets.
Work with stores to ensure the implementation of in-store policies and programs. Ensure proper execution of all systems accordingly.
Monitor and direct all store level costs including labor, cost of sales and expenses. Communicate effectively with store managers on a regular basis regarding financial and budgeting issues,
Work to eliminate inefficiencies in the stores, guiding the teams toward appropriate action using concept resources.
Set aggressive financial goals for the operations, and continually look for ways to drive down costs without compromising exceptional customer service, technical product and equipment specifications, and standards.
Make timely and sound decisions, considering a variety of potential solutions and diverse relevant factors (people, sales, quality, profit), make decisions under conditions of uncertainty.
Oversee and maintain cleanliness, DOH standards, PBT equipment functionality in the stores, including timely and effective communication regarding equipment repair needs and improvement issues.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Thorough knowledge of retail/customer service environments.
Some P.C. knowledge.
Ability to interact easily with diverse ethnic groups.
Must be able to drive between locations in own vehicle.
Must have a valid driver’s license.
Must be able to lift 50# without assistance.

Operations (management) experience required (3-5 years).
Bachelor’s Degree or similar experience.

** Old Trinity Partners LLC offers a wide-range of benefit options for all full-time positions including medical, dental, 401K, student tuition assistance, student loan payback assistance, quarterly raise reviews, paid time off, free tanning, product discounts and a fun, competitive environment. **