Digital Content Creator

DocuPet Corp. - Syracuse, NY


Who we are

DocuPet, the foremost provider of outsourced pet licensing services for municipalities across North America, is expanding and evolving rapidly. Our mission is to provide a safe and happy home for every pet and we need the help of amazing people to achieve that goal.

A DocuPet Membership delivers much more value to pet owners than the traditional municipal licensing model. With every license sold through a DocuPet Membership, pet parents get access to the HomeSafeLost Pet Service along with the Perks for Pet Owners Program, where local businesses offer deals, contests, and coupons to responsible pet owners. Licensing is the law in most jurisdictions, but a DocuPet Membership makes the experience about so much more than a pet license!

Pet licensing revenue is the primary funding source for community pet shelters. These shelters do the unenviable work of caring for lost, stray and abused animals. Often with a 10:1 volunteer to staff ratio, they do their best to adopt out every pet, but most aren’t able to accomplish this goal due to a lack of resources.

With additional funding, these pet shelters are able to get more pets into safe and happy homes. Further, with better pet identification, including our HomeSafeprogram, more lost pets are returned to their owners and not sent to shelters.

By raising awareness, engagement and compliance, DocuPet is uniquely positioned to both reduce shelter intake and increase shelter funding via licensing revenue. Our mission is important to us, and community awareness is central to its achievement.

Our Syracuse office is seeking a Content Creator to help develop all types of innovative and engaging content for pet parents across North America!

We need your passion, drive, and creativity to develop innovative and high-quality content across various media and platforms so that our message is heard by, and resonates with the pet owner population of North America. We need to get their attention with compelling stories and scroll-stopping creative. They need to be engaged and enthused to the point where getting a DocuPet Membership and recommending that their peers do the same is the least they can do to support us in our mission.

Who you are

You are creative by nature. You seek to build community using all the visual tools in your toolbox. Uncovering and telling compelling and entertaining stories via multimedia is your passion. You are outgoing and gregarious but focused on your subject and their story.

Your Role

As Content Creator, you will primarily provide support to the Community Engagement Manager and Social Media/Content Coordinator. You will be our embedded community member, taking part in discussions across the social web and discerning what content our audience will be drawn to and engaged by. You’ll know what pet-related events are coming up, what the hot topics amongst pet parents are, and just what kind of pet picture is going to get the Internet all aflutter.

A Day in the Life of The Content Creator

When you arrive at work in the morning, you dive straight into your social listening tools and find out what the latest topics of pet conversation are all about, and you set to work adding value to those discussions and curating interesting content for our social and email channels.

Then it’s off to your content calendar to see what has been scheduled for creation this week. It looks like you have some timely blog posts to write for events coming up in Syracuse and Boulder so you get them drafted up and passed on for review and publishing.

Time to get up from the desk and head over to Helping Hounds to take some pictures and videos of dogs that are waiting to be adopted into a loving new family so that we can feature them across our local social channels and in our upcoming newsletter.

Once back in the office, you’ve lined up some phone interviews with some movers-and-shakers who are campaigning for no-kill shelters across North America. You’re doing the pilot episode of a podcast and their contributions are integral to your content. You’ve even set up a video camera to film proceedings so that you can cut together short excerpts for Instagram and Facebook, and a long edit can be done for our Youtube Channel.

You round off the day with some data-gathering, checking to see how previous posts and stories have performed in terms of engagement and reach, tracking them diligently in your spreadsheet so that you can make a case for adjusting the content mix over the coming weeks based on how the market is responding to different types of content.

As you shut down the laptop for the evening you fire off a quick Instagram story to let the audience know what you have been up to today and how you’ve had another satisfying day engaging with pet parents across the continent and bringing them the value and entertainment they have come to associate so closely with DocuPet. Time to head home, walk the dog, and recharge the batteries for another action-packed day tomorrow!

Job duties include:

  • Writing many styles of pet-related blog posts
  • Creating motion graphics optimized for social media platforms
  • Generating video content for blog and social media usage
  • Carrying out photo shoots
  • Curating content across the social web that resonates with pet owners
  • Building advertising assets
  • Researching audience and platform trends
  • Innovation in content creation (new platforms, platform features etc)
  • Engaging audience members across the social web
  • Interviewing community members and stakeholders
  • Producing audio content
  • Designing blog and social imagery
  • Designing feature graphics for email campaigns

Your Qualifications

  • You display excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • You have a solid understanding of social media, content marketing, and other digital media skills
  • Background in digital photography, video production, and editing
  • Background in creative writing and storytelling
  • Accomplished digital design skills
  • A love of animals is strongly preferred

About DocuPet

DocuPet launched its first municipal pet licensing program in Ontario, Canada in late 2014. Since that time, we have partnered with more than 20 municipalities and regions. We have now expanded into the US, are launching programs across six states, and have opened a new office in Syracuse, NY.

Our program is successful, not just because we offer the best online platform for pet owners and municipal administrators in the industry, but because we work hard to build awareness in each community, make licensing convenient for pet owners, provide deals, rewards, and valuable services, and support ordinance enforcement.

But DocuPet is about much more than licensing. Our mission is to help create a safe and happy home for every pet in North America. Licensing helps us to reach that goal, but it is only one of the many initiatives required to truly fulfill our mission.

We are growing very quickly and expect our team of more than 20 amazing people across North America to continue to increase if we can find the skilled, dynamic, flexible, hard-working, team players we need to complete our collective mission.

Why should you apply?

DocuPet boasts a fun, vibrant team and work environment. As a fast-growing technology company, we are continuously presenting new opportunities for motivated, hardworking staff. Come show us what you'd bring to our team!

Job Type: Full-time