Residential internship

Teen Challenge USA - Minden, LA

Residential internship Job Posted: October 02, 2018

This internship position is to learn our system, work as a team player and then if possible transition into a paid staff position. We are a family center. We take in women with children and pregnant women. We can house 34 students plus their kids plus staff and their kids. Qualifications: Must be a mature Christian with a call of God on her life. She should maintain the highest moral and ethical standards and exhibit a teachable spirit. She should know that God has called her into the Ministry of Teen Challenge. Must be saved and full of the Holy Spirit. Responsibilities: 1. Follow the procedures of the Staff Manual regarding living on campus and off campus. 2. Aid and support staff while on duty and in the center. 3. Refrain from all forms of gossip, using confidentially regarding students and staff. 4.Follow all the directives of the staff on duty in a timely manner. 5. Work assigned hours with staff and students as per schedule. 6 Keep your room in a neat and tidy manner at all times. 7. Must be flexible and work evening and weekends. 8. Must be at least 25 years old with valid drivers license with no major moving violations within the last 3 years. 9. Keep a professional demeanor with students at all times - healthy emotional boundaries TC graduate - in good standing with TC. 10. Must believe and adhere to Assembly of God doctrine. 11. Must have good recommendation from current TC director. 12. Must be comfortable and confident in being in a leadership role. General duties: will work evenings and weekends. Will help transport students to and from church. Oversee student visits and phone calls. Help monitor student activities. Being flexible to help where and when needed.
  • Successfully completed/graduated at least 12 months of TC. Must have valid drivers license, 25 or older
  • Must have good recommendation from current director
  • Must be saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit with the initial physical evidence of speaking in tongues