ABM Industries - Sterling, VA

General Responsibilities :
Responsible for receiving, distributing and controlling the inventory required for an aircraft.

Report to the Operation Managers and to the General Manager.

Responsible for managing the daily responsibilities of the Provisioning Agents.

Responsible for auditing pre-staged supplies to ensure accuracy.

Responsible for carrying out additional duties when necessary for the needs of our business.

Warehouse Supervisors need to be Escort and Driver qualified.

Specific Duties :
responsible for ensuring that the supplies needed for an aircraft are prepared.

responsible for recognizing, unloading, sorting and accounting for the supplies that come off of the aircraft and back from the laundry and for accounting for those supplies. Warehouse Supervisors are responsible for teaching their agents how to handle those supplies.

responsible for the new supplies that are received and housed at the process center and for accounting for those supplies.

responsible for working their assigned schedule and enforcing that Provisioning Agents work their assigned schedules.

responsible for the daily operations of the process center, including reports, inventory accounting, scheduling.

responsible for training Provisioning Agents to operate effectively and safely.

responsible for maintaining a clean and safe warehouse environment.

responsible for ensuring that all vehicles and equipment in and around the Process Center are safe to operate and for reporting any equipment failures to management.

Warehouse Environment :
Warehouse Supervisors need to be prepared for the weather.

Warehouse Supervisors need to be prepared for large variances in temperature and humidity.

Warehouse Supervisors need to be prepared for a moderate to high noise level.

Warehouse Supervisors need to be prepared for an open air environment that could include fumes, insects, birds and other possibilities.

Warehouse Supervisors need to ensure that Provisioning Agents are prepared for the Warehouse Environment.

Physical Requirements :
Warehouse Supervisors must be able to physically lift up to 50 lbs.

Warehouse Supervisors are required to be able to stand and/or walk for the entire length of their work shift.

Warehouse Supervisors are required to meet basic physical requirements. Bending, Hearing, Speaking, Crawling, Handling, Feeling and more may be required.

High School Diploma or GED

Some college course work or equivalent experience preferred

2 years customer service experience

Must be 18 years of age or older

Must submit to and pass a drug screen.

Must meet all the requirements to receive required airport security badge and customs seal, including a successful completion of a background check and 10 year work history.