Program Director

Urban Mitzvah Corps - New York, NY


Mitzvah Corps is a network of global social justice travel programs, connecting teens with opportunities to understand the complexities of injustice around the world, how to engage with local communities in a sensitive and respectful way, and how Judaism empowers them to be agents of positive, sustainable change. Our programs go beyond a traditional service trip, working alongside innovative partners, and supplemented by a curriculum designed to address the real issues inherent in volunteerism.

As the most senior-level staff member on site, the Urban Mitzvah Corps Program Director is expected to partner with the NFTY GER Senior Regional Director in planning for, recruiting for, and operating the program. This work will begin on January 1, 2019 and will continue through mid-June as a part-time,10 hour/week position. Beginning in mid-June through the end of July, the work will transition into a full-time, camp-like position, with 24/7 responsibilities that require the person in this position to live onsite throughout the summer in New Brunswick, New Jersey, supervising a staff and working with a group of 30 participants. From the end of the program through mid-August, the position will again transition to part-time.

  • January-June. Working remotely approximately 10 hours per week. The Program Director will be onboarded to the program’s itinerary, partners, vendors, and relevant finance and administration. They will have weekly meetings with the UMC Student Coordinator and/or the Senior Regional Director (SRD) of NFTY GER, assist and guide the UMC student Coordinators in recruitment efforts, partner with the SRD in hiring summer staff, and will be in ongoing communication with relevant stakeholders and partners to ensure program development proceeds as necessary. Beginning in the Spring, they will onboard the rest of the staff to the program, and together the staff team will review and understand the profiles and needs of participants, complete building out the educational curriculum, develop a summer communication strategy, and finalize details of the program’s implementation. They will communicate with families over the phone prior to the program’s commencement.
  • During Program. In residence throughout the program. They will also work approximately 10 hours in the weeks following the program’s conclusion to ensure all information and supplies are inventoried and returned and proper evaluation is conducted to understand the strengths and areas of growth for the program looking towards the next summer.

Essential Functions

The Program Director is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of all participants and staff, and coordination of all program components. Responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment management in months leading up to summer, in partnership with NFTY GER Senior Regional Director, UMC Student Coordinator, and NFTY GER Clergy and Stakeholders.
  • Direct supervision and management of the on-site program team.
  • Carry out protocols outlined in Mitzvah Corps staff handbook, all policies relating to Mitzvah Corps’ health, safety, and security standards, and ensure these standards are met.
  • Coordinate with the NFTY GER Senior Regional Director, oversee program administration, including financial management, summer communications, and on-site logistics.
  • Communicate with families before and during the program, including both written and oral communication, both formally conveying necessary program information, as well as informally answering questions and building relationships.
  • Communicate weekly with NFTY GER Senior Regional Director in advance of the summer, and daily during the summer.
  • Communicate regularly with UMC Student Coordinator in advance of the summer.
  • Implement any emergency protocol or procedure, including but not limited to: driving teen participants, performing emergency resuscitation, positioning themselves between harm and participants, and communicating quickly with emergency responders.
  • Participate in the physical aspects of the program, including direct service projects, hiking, walking, painting, digging, building, etc.
  • Ensure high standards of programming, education, and community building are upheld.
  • Ensure that Mitzvah Corps and Jewish values are present and intentionally addressed throughout all aspects of the program.
  • Confirm all housing, transportation, direct service, and other activity partners and vendors and ensure that they are providing services that meet our policies and standards.
  • Partner with area Congregations and stakeholders to ensue the NFTY GER region is actively engaged with the program both prior to and during the summer.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Have at least 3 seasons of experience working with teens in an immersive, residential setting.
  • Have at least 2 seasons of experience as a manager in a collaborative team environment.
  • Have at least 3 years of experience creating and implementing Reform Jewish education for teens.
  • Have experience in the realm of social justice.
  • Have been directly responsible for the health and safety of others in a residential setting.
  • Be able to participate in the heavily physical demands of the program including, but not limited to, hiking, extensive walking, and physical labor.
  • Function successfully on 5-6 hours of sleep per night for the duration of their program.
  • Function successfully outdoors, in the climate of their program.
  • Possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Possess the ability to build and maintain appropriate relationships with teenagers.
  • Possess the ability to remain calm and make swift decisions in emergencies.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and be able and willing to drive teen participants.
  • Be eligible to work legally in the United States.

Job Type: Temporary

Employment Length:

  • 4 - 6 months