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Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI), is seeking an Analyst - Army Interoperability Technical Review Board (AITRB) in Huntsville. At MTSI, our more than 900 co-owners recognize the high demand for specialized professionals within our industry and that you have many options to choose. As an employee owned company were culture matters, we believe that by investing in our people we are investing in our company’s future!

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The AITRB Analyst position will provide the means for Army Project Office participation in the Joint configuration management (CM) process known as the Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems or JINTACCS. This effort is mandated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to ensure interoperability among the tactical command-and-control systems used in joint and multinational military operations. This includes all US and multinational Tactical Data Link (TDL) procedural standards including Links 11, 11B, 16, 22, VMF, IBS-CMF and JREAP. Joint CM forums include but are not limited the Joint Multi-Tactical Data Link Configuration Control Board (JMTCCB), Joint Multi-TADIL Standards Working Group (JMSWG) and the Missile Defense Agency Subgroup (MDASG). Army-specific TDL forums include the Army Configuration Control Board (ACCB).

Participation in Joint CM is directed by CJCSI 6610.01E - Tactical Data Link Standardization and Interoperability. This instruction establishes policy to achieve and maintain interoperability among those Department of Defense (DoD) information technology (IT) and national security systems (NSS) that implement tactical data links (TDL). Policies outlined in this instruction are focused on achieving interoperability through the standardization of message protocols, format, content, implementation, and documentation.

To support this effort, the AITRB Analyst will assist the AITRB Chairman in hosting at least three AITRB meetings per year at the Software Development Directorate at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. This requires the generation of at least three AITRB meeting agendas and AITRB meeting minutes, including a Joint TDL report, three times annually. These reports are generated by an application on the AITRB website which is continuously fed interoperability artifacts (i.e. notes and documents) by the AITRB chairman and secretary. The AITRB Secretary will assist the AITRB Chairman by traveling to and participating in the Joint Multi-Tactical Data Link Configuration Control Board (JMTCCB) and the Joint Multi-TADIL Standards Working Group (JMSWG) tree times a year following the AITRB meetings. The AITRB Secretary will generate the Joint trip report using notes taken at these meetings.

In addition to the above, the AITRB Analyst will:
Assist the AITRB chairman in providing PEO-MS and AMCOM voting representation at the Army Configuration Control Board (CCB).
Assist the AITRB chairman in providing “Lessons learned” expertise regarding Joint and Army forums.
Assist the AITRB chairman in providing coordination with Army systems (via AITRB) to diminish differences and achieve a consensus army vote at Army CCB and Joint forums.
Assist the AITRB chairman in providing screening and filtering of all TDL related Interface Change Proposals (ICPs), Request for Exceptions (RFEs) and TDL policy initiatives.
Assist the AITRB chairman in providing Initial ICP / RFE submission evaluation and tailoring advice along with coordination with Joint communities.
Assist the AITRB chairman in providing coordination of J28.0 (Army unique) message implementation.
Provide and manage access to interoperability/ICP/RFE library (AITRB website & database)
Assist the AITRB chairman in providing access to the Interoperable Systems Management and Requirements Transformation (iSMART) and associated eSMART tools.
Periodically update the AITRB website to reflect the current and final disposition of all ICPs and RFEs considered by the JMTCCB and the AITRB.
Track new developments in Joint Interoperability Testing and the adjudication of Trouble Reports (TRs) by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC).
Author Army ICPs, RFEs and whitepapers, when necessary.
Assist the AITRB chairman in determining Link 16 implementations for Army platforms.
Applicant must be familiar with Microsoft Office tools and MS Windows. SQL server and PHP experience are a plus.

Familiarity with the following US military standards/manuals/instructions:

MIL-STD-6016 (Link 16) - Required
MIL-STD-6020 (Data Forwarding Between Tactical Data Links (TDLs)) - Desired
MIL-STD-3011 (DOD Interface Standard for The Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP)) - Desired
MIL-STD-6017 (Variable Message Format (VMF)) - Desired
MIL-STD-6011 (Link 11) - Desired
MIL-STD-6018 (Integrated Broadcast Service-CMF (IBS-CMF)) - Desired
CJCSM 6120.01 (Joint Multi-Tactical Data Link Operating Procedures (JMTOP) Overview) - Desired
CJCSI 6610.01 (Tactical Data Link Standardization and Interoperability. - Desired

Familiarity with the following NATO Standards:
STANAG 5522 (NATO Link 22) - Desired
STANAG 5516 (NATO Link 16) - Desired
STANAG 5511 (NATO Link 11) - Desired

DoD Secret clearance required.

Please Note: U.S. Citizenship is required for most MTSI positions.