Senior UI Engineer - Remote

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Senior User Interface (UI) Engineer - Remote

CodeScience, Inc. is a professional services firm that enables organizations to deploy enterprise business processes in the cloud. The firm’s core offering is designing and building products for Salesforce ISV partners and emerging ServiceNow Technology partners. The company also provides a range of services to Salesforce customers and on other SaaS platforms. We also believe in having fun while doing it.

The Ohana
Salesforce has been ranked among the top 3 Most Innovative Companies by Forbes every year since they began compiling that list in 2011. The Salesforce AppExchange is the fuel for the Salesforce Ecosystem economic engine. Worldwide, Salesforce and its ecosystem are expected to enable the creation of 3.3 million jobs within the Salesforce customer base through 2022. Salesforce’s core value is derived from the Hawaiian term “Ohana”-meaning family.


You build applications, pure and simple. You will leverage your experience as a full-stack developer to bring an innovative and elegant approach to building user interfaces on the Salesforce platform. To excel at this position, you more than likely have gone all in on JavaScript. You are using to it to develop applications locally, run dynamic build processes and automate regression testing. You realized you needed all that stuff because the UI’s you’ve been building with Angular/React or just plain old JavaScript/ and jQuery are becoming increasingly complex. At CodeScience, our Senior UI Engineers redefine what's possible every day and build some killer functionality in the process.
Success predictors
  • You live for challenges and you are tenacious in problem solving.
  • You have built full-stack web applications using Node, Rails, .Net or some other MVC stack. You need to understand all phases of software engineering,
  • You know what logic should be processed on the back-end and what can be processed client-side and you can defend your approach on each.
  • You are insatiable in your thirst for knowledge and your desire to fabricate elegant solutions.
  • You can work with Designers to take HTML and CSS assets and bring them to life with JavaScript and the Salesforce platform.
  • You have a desire to work with interesting clients and projects that challenge you.
  • You are highly motivated, highly intelligent, highly inquisitive and at least moderately funny.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • You will take ownership of the user interface portion of the product build cycle.
  • You know how to collaborate with other team members to build user interfaces that meet client expectations and acceptance criteria.
  • Participate in Agile/Scrum ceremonies.
  • You will answer complexity with simplicity. If there is a simple, elegant and testable approach to achieve the goal, then that is the approach to take.
  • You have a responsibility to learn the Salesforce platform and how to utilize its features and constraints to build full stack web applications. Salesforce certification will be required during your tenure at CodeScience
  • Think outside the box to bring common industry tools, techniques and patterns to Salesforce platform development.
Desired Experience and Characteristics
  • You need a strong GitHub account and you need to be able to articulate your code.
  • You need to have worked with some difficult clients, and consistently delivered.
  • You are a builder and not a hack. Sometimes the difference is subtle, but you don’t want a hack building your house, do you?
  • You love refining and refactoring, but you don’t lose track of what the big picture deliverables are.
  • You are infinitely flexible. You can build with HTML/CSS, but you know there’s probably someone better suited for it. Maybe you want to get really good at it. Of course you do. You want to get really good at everything.
  • You have an internal standard for excellence that is insanely high.
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum and Test-driven development methodologies
Required Technology
  • 4+ years developing advanced user interfaces using Javascript technologies similar to Angular or React. Know this book and this book.
  • You must understand and be able to apply core HTML and CSS. Know this book and this book.
  • Your dev stack must include Node and npm to support local build processing and automated testing
  • You have to be able to learn, understand and manipulate Salesforce features for implementing user interfaces, especially this.
  • You must be able to think in terms of components and eventing models.
  • You will need to be able to articulate a coding solution using pseudocode, a whiteboard or other medium to an audience of non-developers.
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CodeScience is an Equal Opportunity Employer