Construction Manager

Onepath - Kennesaw, GA3.2

The construction manager is responsible for the actual installation in the field, from safety, to quality, to on time delivery.
1. CM is assigned by the Ops Mgr. to a project/project manager
2. Attend all construction meetings
a. Verify site safety requirements
b. Verify construction schedule/milestones
c. Verify drawings
3. Document all changes to the scope of work to the project manager
4. Assigns and measures a schedule for the workforce from the project installation schedule provided by the project manager
a. Schedules manpower
i. 1/2/3 day look ahead
ii. 5/10/15 day look ahead

b. Schedules forecasted materials by:
i. 5/10/15 day look ahead
ii. Changes in construction schedule
c. Schedules workforce and materials by work area per construction schedule
i. 1/2/3 day look ahead
ii. 5/10/15 day look ahead
d. Quality check: Measures work & Safety
i. Updates tracker daily and provides updates to PM at weekly meetings
ii. Verifies site safety inspections and takes corrective action as needed
Construction Timelines
1. Based on project schedule
Allocation of Time
1. 90% field, 10% office