Environmental Regulatory Manager

Subaru of America - Washington, DC

Location: Columbia, MD

Summary: Research, communicate and take action on auto industry legislation or regulations related to vehicle chemicals, recycling,environmental and noise issues. Perform communication “window” functions in these areas for SOA and SBR.

Primary Responsibilities:
Develop information and contact points with agencies in the above areas.
Participate for Subaru, in GlobalAutomakers chemical programs.
Track and understand regulations and information within the industry to be used to mitigate risk.
Maintain communications and understanding in related areas between industry associations, SOA and SBR while providing a single point of contact for NASI GRA, SBR and SOA.
Represent Subaru in the chemical areas related to environmental issues.
Provide ad hoc support (e.g., Monroney Label Regulations, SAE rating standards & advertising, owner- oriented publications review, chemical legislation) as requested.

Additional Responsibilities:
Sit on the Board of Directors of End of Life Solutions, Inc. in order to ensure ELVS satisfies recycling and disposal requirements whether federal, state or voluntary.
Sit on U.S. CAR P65 Subcommittee and represent SUBARU.
Sit on the North American Automobile OEM Substances of Control Committee administered by U.S. CAR.
Obtain and report noise test results to local and state agencies.
Ensure SBR KAJB/SOA has proper understanding and implementation schedule of new (and existing) legislation both Federal/state Chemical and Substances regulations.
Actively interact with Global Automakers/Alliance workgroups and Federal/state on pertinent Chemical and Substances-related issues of concern to SBR/SOA.
Monitor battery recycling activity in the US, Engage in the regulatory process to adequately inform SOA/SBR of their obligations.

Required Skills/Abilities:
Good management and communication skills a must. Must be able to coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously.
Chemical Substances-related knowledge.

Experience/Education: BA/BS(4 year degree) with + 4-6 years of related, industry specific experience