Lube Technician - Jiffy Lube 352

CBI Jiffy Lube - Richmond, VA

At CBI, the team concept extends to every position, from a Lube Tech to the President. Our neat and professional appearance, both inside and out, is our collective responsibility. It is, therefore, everyone's responsibility, for example, to pick up trash, cut grass, clean bathrooms, sweep floors, etc. - Whatever it takes! The following job description describes the material duties and responsibilities of this position at CBI's locations. However, this job description is not intended to be an all-inclusive list but rather a general description of the position. In every position, employees are expected to perform the duties and responsibilities assigned to them by their supervisors, regardless of whether such duties and responsibilities are described below. This job description is subject to change at any time, depending on each location's needs.

Lube Techs can fall into one of three categories: Courtesy Tech, Lower Bay Technician, and Upper Bay Technician

Courtesy Tech

The Jiffy Lube Courtesy Technician is responsible for courtesy duties, including but not limited to greeting customers, vacuuming vehicles’ interior floors, and washing the exterior windows. The Courtesy Technician also assists with the light checks and vehicle drive-ins/drive-outs.

  • Welcome the customer.
  • Ask the customer to pull the hood release.
  • Escort customer to the Customer Service Advisor or lounge.
  • Place floor mat into vehicle.
  • Communicate vehicle mileage to the Customer Service Advisor.
  • Drive vehicle into the service bays.
  • Unlock vehicle.
  • Lower driver-side window to half way.
  • Raise all other windows completely.
  • Vacuum interior floors.
  • Wash exterior windows to include mirrors and sunroofs.
  • Safely drives vehicles from service bays.
Lower Bay Technician

The Jiffy Lube Lower Bay Technician is responsible for duties in the lower bay, including but not limited to removing and replacing the oil filter, proper installation of the oil drain plug, inspecting gearbox fluid levels, and lubricating chassis. The Lower Bay Technician may also be responsible for performing ancillary services in the lower bay.

  • Complete under vehicle inspection.
  • Remove oil drain plug.
  • Loosen and remove the oil filter.
  • Wipe the mounting plate/check filter spindle.
  • Install oil drain plug.
  • Install new oil filter.
  • Wipe/lubricate fittings.
  • Check/fill gearboxes.
  • Report under vehicle status.
  • Check oil filter and oil drain plug for leaks.
  • Complete the quality inspection.
  • Secure bay safety net.
  • Depending on the size of the J-Team, check the exterior lights, wiper blades, belts, coolant level, clean the exterior windows, and guide vehicles out of the service bays.
Upper Bay Technician

The Jiffy Lube Upper Bay Technician is responsible for under-hood duties, including but not limited to removing and replacing the oil filter, checking and topping off fluids, checking tire pressure, adding oil, and performing ancillary duties as required.

  • Enter license plate information.
  • Provide customer name to Customer Service Advisor (if repeat customer).
  • Guide vehicles in and out of the service bays.
  • Perform the light check.
  • Raise the vehicle hood.
  • Remove the air filtration items.
  • Determine oil filter application.
  • Physically verify new oil filter.
  • Determine, check, and adjust tire pressure.
  • Check brake fluid.
  • Check/fill battery, power steering, window washer fluids.
  • Check/fill transmission fluid.
  • Check/fill engine antifreeze.
  • Install/reinstall new and ROC items.
  • Observe lower bay quality inspection.
  • Perform upper bay quality inspection.
  • Drive vehicle out of service bay.
The Lube Tech must possess good communication skills in order to interface with customers. Uniforms will be worn and grooming standards will be in effect to provide an image of professionalism at all times.

In addition, this position requires:
  • Valid Driver's License
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • The ability to transport oneself from one working level to another