Information Technology Operations Manager

USF Federal Credit Union - Tampa, FL (30+ days ago)3.3

Position Summary:
Responsible for managing employees and resources dedicated to office automation and efficiencies. Oversees technology use in the organization. Researches and implements ways technology and network-based systems can increase company productivity. Directly supervising the work of infrastructure and server analysts, PC and desktop support specialists, application specialists and record retention specialists. Organizes and deploys resources, assists in department planning at a strategic and budget level, and oversees technology equipment procurement and maintenance. Manages building security to maintain a safe and secure environment for all employees and facilities.

Essential Functions & Additional Responsibilities

30% Manages employees and responsible for providing infrastructure and server development/support, end user desktop, application, equipment support, and building security. Plans and deploys employees and resources within the IT department. Provides analysis, design, deployment, and operations of IT infrastructure, software, and hardware systems supporting the business. Ensures compatibility, security, availability, and the effective functioning of all end user workstations and equipment. Oversee all aspects of IT department operations including physical security, IT infrastructure, communication (LAN, WAN, email, etc.), database, backup recovery, PC and application support, and regulatory compliance.

25% Manages employees responsible for centralized document processing, imaging, and retention. Develops and implements strategies and solutions for effective and efficient organizational document management. Drives integration of document management systems with other organizational systems.

15% Participates in short and long range planning and budgeting for the department to select and utilize appropriate technologies supporting the credit union's strategic goals. Contributes to the development and execution of network, systems, applications, and integration solutions. Regularly provides verbal and written updates to Senior Management on IT projects, initiatives, and events.

15% Oversees technology and security equipment procurement for the entire organization focusing on compatibility, competitiveness, security, cost, and sustainability. Serves as the IT point of contact and accountable for the IT portion of merger, new office setups, office expansions, building security, etc. This includes relocation and/or installation of voice/data/security solutions, LAN and PC equipment. Enforces and develops security policies and procedures for building security. Oversees ATM fleet management including purchase, maintenance, support, and relocation.

10% Directs significant special projects and mergers as required.

5% Performs other job related duties as assigned.

Bachelor's degree obtained through a formal 4 year program at an accredited educational facility preferred or equivalent experience.

5-8 years of previous leadership experience in similar or related position required.

Other Skills:
Strong mentoring, coaching experience to a team with diverse levels of expertise.
Strong time management and organizational skills. Ability to multi-task under pressure.
Exceptional leadership skills; ability to motivate, influence, and engage direct and indirect reports and peers with a significant level of diplomacy and trust.
Self-reliant, critical thinker, problem solver, results oriented.
Excellent judgment and creative problem solving skills including negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
Excellent presentation skills, confident in all settings with individuals at all levels of the organization both internal and external.
Energetic, forward-thinking, and creative in business solutions with high ethical standards and trustworthiness.
Act as a change agent, who can collaborate with diverse interest and adapt to changes within working responsibilities.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Able to communicate effectively and tactfully with employees and members both orally and in writing.
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and Outlook. Excellent technical aptitude.
Previous data processing experience including networks, PCs, data communications, mainframe and PC programming and data organization.
Technical planning, project management and supervisory experience.
Ability to discuss technical issues effectively with other data processing professionals as well as non-technical users.
Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills.
Ability to work and travel independently and use general office equipment, give speeches and make presentations.
Must demonstrate a functional knowledge of the Bank Secrecy Act in addition to other Federal laws, including but not limited to: U.S. Patriot Act, Office of Foreign Assets & Control, Anti-Money Laundering, Right to Financial Privacy Act, and the Bank Bribery Act.