Mobile Patrol Officer

Northwest Security Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA (30+ days ago)

Full Time, Part Time Mobile Patrol Officers Wanted! We Provide the Vehicle!

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We're looking for high quality applicants with strong work ethic, proactive attention to detail, and the ability to use smart phones, write reports, and speak/read/write/comprehend English.

*Opportunities for Growth, Promotional Positions, and Extensive Training Available!


Starting Wage: $16.50 + Advancement Opportunities

To apply for our positions:

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  • Call us - We want to hear from you! 206-365-0760 and press 0 to speak to the front desk during regular business hours!
  • Apply at our office at:

Northwest Security Services, Inc.

14824 Westminster Way N, Seattle, WA 98133


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Position Description:

Officers will patrol 30-40 buildings per night in a marked company patrol vehicle, entering and exiting the patrol vehicle and performing interior and exterior patrols of buildings and properties, utilizing touch probe technology. Occasionally responding to alarm activation and client response requests. Performing building walk-through, lockup and unlock, lockout, escort, parking enforcement and other duties as assigned by each building. This position requires an extreme amount of walking, and is good for those who like to have their work environment change or be unpredictable each shift. Each shift has a set number of visits to be completed, which must be completed before clocking out for the evening; in response to incident reports or required responses that bring Patrol Officers beyond their scheduled end, overtime is expected, required and paid accordingly.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Unless a specific exception is granted prior to hire, employees are hired for potential assignment to any, not just a preferred, NWSS contracted site, or multiple sites, including sites where alcoholic beverages are sold and/or served, and/or any, not just a preferred, shift assignment, and must be ready, able and willing to meet the basic requirements described herein.
  • Greets and assists arriving tenants, visitors, and guests within an assigned site with discreet, exceptional customer service skills.
  • Serves as a visible uniformed deterrent to inappropriate and/or illegal activity on an assigned post or site.
  • Serve as an attentive, highly visible point-of-contact for arriving and departing site employees and/or residents, as applicable, as well as for customers, visitors and after-hour occupants.
  • Meets our conservative professional image standards at all times while on duty. Presents requests for modifications to uniform attire and/or symbolism requirements for personally held beliefs prior to employment or at the time of belief change for management approval prior to implementation, if the required modification was not initially worn or displayed during the pre-employment interview and approved at that time.
  • Provides courteous assistance, directions and escorts, as allowed, in response to requests.
  • Acts, in many cases, as the first responder and/or facilitator for a building or site emergency response, utilizing exceptional problem solving and communication skills.
  • Responds to and investigates suspicious circumstances and security incidents utilizing exceptional problem solving and communication skills.
  • Must be ready, able and willing to interrupt a paid meal and/or rest break for necessary and/or expected responses to emergencies, time-sensitive security needs, reported suspicious behavior, activity of concern at your site and/or client requests for service.
  • Accurately and consistently documents situations and incidents in hand written and/or computer report formats, using clear, concise verbal and writing skills in the English language with legible handwriting and/or depending on site requirements, computer keyboarding and/or software program utilization skills.
  • Monitors and reports regular, irregular and/or suspicious site activity visibly observed, heard, sensed and/or smelled, in person and via closed circuit television.
  • Utilizes clear, concise verbal communication skills, calmly and correctly utilizing and pronouncing each word in the English language, to gather and pass on information to and from clients, site support personnel, co-workers, residents, tenant employees, customers and/or public safety agency representatives.
  • Maintains calm composure and responds safely, efficiently and effectively, during emergency, potentially stressful and/or exciting situations or circumstances, including to fire alarms, bomb threats, with upset, insulting and/or uncooperative individuals, and/or in difficult and/or challenging situations, carefully exercising polite, exceptional communication, customer service and problem solving skills utilizing trained response options.
  • Conducts random and/or scheduled interior and exterior walking patrols under varying weather and/or environmental conditions, including rain, snow, ice, wind, darkness, isolation and/or crowds, in buildings, campuses, facilities, parking garages and/or downtown alleys, regularly ascending and descending fire stairwells and negotiating uneven and/or slippery terrain, to observe, detect, report and/or address safety and security concerns.
  • Cautiously approaches potentially unauthorized persons within site boundaries to inquire about the legitimacy of their presence and, when appropriate, politely provides encouragement for cooperative departure. Determines if site access criteria is met, if required at entrance points, and politely declines unauthorized admittance.
  • Following receipt of relevant and/or necessary training, works independently without direct supervision or assistance.
  • Takes polite, effective responsibility for the safety and security of an assigned post or site, meeting client expectations for exceptional customer service at all times.

Patrol Officer Minimum Requirements :

  • Work at least one shift as a regular NWSS Security Officer
  • Good time management, communication and problem solving skills
  • Valid Washington State Driver's License, 21 years of age
  • Good driving record that meets our insurance carrier's approval and safe driving skills
  • Dependable transportation for prompt response to NWSS offices, 24 hours a day
  • Available and willing to fill in for short-notice extra relief assignments
  • Ability and willingness to effectively resolve trespass issues with good conflict resolution skills
  • Ability and willingness to effectively and safely plan and execute random client site checks
  • Ability and willingness to frequently enter and exit patrol vehicle, and patrol on foot, including ascending and descending stairs, through a variety of site types, site circumstances and site environments during a shift
  • Ability and willingness to learn to effectively operate frequently changing portable electronic communications equipment
  • Highly observant with attention to detail

Patrol Officer Benefits

  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • 401k
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Merit Based Wage Increase Program
  • Distinguished Uniform Free of Charge
  • Overtime Available
  • Holiday Pay Available
  • Longevity Recognition
  • Opportunities for Advancement
  • Advanced Training
  • Employee Referral Bonus

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $16.50 /hour


  • Security or Transferable: 1 year


  • High school or equivalent


  • Seattle, WA


  • Driver's License


  • English

Required work authorization:

  • United States