Handyman Services/Maintenance

Varsity Facility Services - Montpelier, ID


Varsity Facility Services is currently looking for qualified applicants to fill a position as handyman for Wyman Ray and the Montpelier, Idaho FM group for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This is a full time position doing maintenance for the group in the buildings and property that the Montpelier FM group has stewardship over.

Please read the job description below and the code of conduct that the employee is required to work in accordance to.

Handyman Services/Maintenance

Varsity Facilities Services is looking to hire a skilled Handyman to work in the Montpelier FM group maintaining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints buildings and properties. We are looking for applicants that are skilled, problem solvers and self-motivated. This is a great job working in a great environment. Candidate should have knowledge and experience with the following trades:





Carpentry/Finish Carpentry.

Below are some items that describe the benefits that are offered to the employee. A description of the job duties as well as the code of conduct that Varsity expects their employees to work in accordance to is available upon request.


HVAC – Checking thermostats, replacing filters, checking AC units and other lite HVAC duties

PLUMBING – Faucets, traps, toilets, Urinals, Flush valves, caulking and other lite duties

ELECTRICAL – Bulb and lens replacements and other lite duties.

PAINTING - Mostly interior walls, staining doors and other wood work, painting over graffiti

CARPENTRY & FINISH CARPENTRY – Door, wood, furniture and other items in buildings repair or replacement

We avoid any type of in depth work that is going to require a licensed trade. (We are not expecting any person to be able to do everything but are looking for skilled employees that work well with their hands and are problem solvers)


  • Regular Hours: M-F 7:00 am to 3:30 pm
  • This is a full time position and the church is requesting that it be 40 hours worked every week. The days are Monday – Friday and the hours worked in the days are dependent on the request of the church. If the employee is called out on a weekend or after hours it is Overtime pay.


  • There are three stakes in the Bear Lake area, with about 21 meetinghouses (including 2 historic tabernacles), 2 smaller seminaries, a small storehouse, and about 10 ballfields. The area includes Bear Lake County, ID, Cokeville, WY, Laketown, UT, and Garden City, UT. Circumstances may also occasionally take this position to work in Caribou County, ID and Star Valley, WY, where we have another 12 or so buildings


  • Due to geography and building density we are looking to find a qualified person residing in the Montpelier, ID area.


1-) Must be able to lift items weighing 50 pounds and carry items weighing 50 pounds 20 feet without mechanical assistance.

2-) Must be able to stand for 2 hours continuously and 7 hours overall in an 8-hour day.

3-) Must be able to walk 4 miles per day to access all areas of the meetinghouse and grounds.

4-) Must be able to tolerate heights of 30 feet.

5-) Must be able to climb 180 stairs per day and use a ladder 80 rungs per day to access elevated repair locations.

6-) Must have some experience or knowledge with the above mentioned trades.

7-) Must be able to work in accordance to Code of Conduct (Which is attached to this email)

8-) Must be self-motivated, Honest, Hard working

9-) Must be able to pass a driving and criminal background check.

10-) Must have a valid driver’s license

11-) This is an area that will either be a company vehicle or a vehicle provided by the employee and is a mileage reimbursement area at .45 cents a mile.

12-) Must have a computer and have basic computer skills (Does not need to bring computer to work)

13-) Must have own tools. Basic hand tools to do the job.


This is a full time position and the church is requesting that it be 40 hours worked every week. The days are Monday – Friday and the hours worked in the days are dependent on the request of the church. If the employee is called out on a weekend or after hours it is Overtime pay.


It is dependent on skill level but the start rate is starting at $17.00 to $20.00 depending on skill set. All pay is negotiable. Pay periods are bi-weekly.


1-) Work shirts for the employee (Polo shirts with pockets with the Varsity logo) If the employee wants some other style shirts then the employee can purchase the shirts and Varsity will embroider the logo on them.

2-) A company cell phone. If the employee would rather use his personal cell phone for company use then Varsity will reimburse the employee $50.00 per month for using their personal phone for work purposes.

3-) Tool repair replace policy.(It is like other trade jobs, the employee is responsible for providing his/her own tools)

4-) Training for the job as well as the employee will need to take a driving test and Osha tests for the job.


These are offered to a full time employee. There is no Holiday pay.

After 60 days employment the following benefits become available to the employee and their dependents.






Varsity is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Please email resumes to Roger Baton rbaton@varsityfs. com


Code of Conduct

It is imperative that all employees on or near LDS church properties follow the Code of Conduct at all times. Any violation can result in immediate discipline and possible termination of the employee.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has certain beliefs and guidelines by which they instruct their members to conduct and live their lives. Employees of the Preferred Providers are not compelled to follow these guidelines in their personal lives. However, the contract requires employees to respect those beliefs and conduct themselves accordingly while on and near the Church premises.

Code of Conduct

  • No tobacco, coffee, or tea permitted while on Church property
  • No headphones or music played while on property
  • No intoxicating beverages are permitted on Church property
  • No employee shall be intoxicated while on Church property
  • No drug use or drug paraphernalia allowed on church property
  • No Sunday work unless requested by FM manager
  • Employee must wear a proper uniform bearing the contractor’s name
  • Employee must be clean, neat, and in uniform
  • Employee will not work with extreme hair colors, extreme clothing, extreme body piercing, and/or extreme jewelry. (Extreme is defined as not in harmony with LDS Church employment standards).
  • No tank tops, shorts, or hats. Also, no open toed shoes
  • Show respect to all individuals in the facility at all times
  • Never read documents or open desk drawers
  • No weapon of any kind is permitted on Church property
  • The use of profanity or provocative language is prohibited
  • Contractor shall not allow children, guests, visitors, or any unauthorized persons on Church property
  • Employee is responsible for all assigned keys, access cards, and alarm codes
  • Loaning, sharing, or borrowing keys, access cards, and alarm codes is strictly prohibited without proper authorization.
  • Employee is responsible for maintaining a secure work area from preventable occurrences including theft, damage, and safety
  • Follow all other company guidelines while on Church property

Employee will follow the LDS Church’s policies for maintaining the confidentiality of restricted, confidential, proprietary, and work product information.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $17.00 to $20.00 /hour