Looking to Join a Larger Firm? DBL is seeking Lateral Partners

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, PLLC - Leesburg, VA



Are you a lawyer?

Do you have your own law practice, or are you part of another law firm?

Do you want to make more money and have more time?

We handle all the tedious and taxing parts of practicing law, and we pay for it. To wit; bookkeeping, billing, trust accounting, expenses, pre-bills, collections, rent, staff support and management, marketing, blog posting, event planning, client services, managing a website, managing social media, human resources, payroll, office supplies, copier contracts, IT, software, malpractice, health, disability, & life insurance, etc.

In addition to being paid for working, partners who have a book are paid on what they generate for themselves and for other lawyers in the firm. Because our firm of more than 70 lawyers operates in virtually every state and handles everything a business could need, from corporate and business law to immigration to litigation to patents, trademarks and copyrights, real estate, construction, employment, estate planning, government contracts and a host of other practice areas, there is virtually no type of work we cannot compensate a partner for internally.


A firm of our size and international recognition (with offices in DC, New York, Delaware, Pasadena, London, Beijing, and Toronto), means that you, a lawyer who has a book of business and can sell work, will have time and better backing to do just that – sell and work your book, without sweating the small stuff on a strong national platform and with:

  • Tons of associate and staff support
  • A marketing team unparalleled in firms of our size
  • A national and international footprint that lets you sell more and do more

We seek experienced attorneys anywhere in the world with a book of business who can add strength to our existing practice areas or add a new business or high net worth practice area to our repertoire.


We have built our law firm on a technology backbone by joint venturing with a practice management software tool – which we consistently update. From scheduling a conference call to billing, to reviewing version-controlled documents, and managing calendar deadlines, our technology suite, and integrated client services and paralegal support teams enable a distributed model of law practice where our lawyers can practice law from anywhere at any time. We have health, disability, and life insurance and no vacation policy for partners. If you do work and make money, from a vacation and time/ location perspective, that is all that matters.


Don’t turn business away because you are overwhelmed. Get paid for it. Our low client acquisition cost and paperless office model combined with a centralized client service team that act as firm-wide ombudsmen for client issues and intake matters turn your relationships into virtually effortless compensation.


The stovepiped model of law practice is broken. Our firm aims to create real relationships between partners. We do not hire jerks. It sounds silly – but we like working with each other, and this touchstone has meant that in almost 20 years of practicing under our practice model we have not had a single dispute over whose client or origination belongs to whom. Likewise, if it does not work, not only do we help you separate and take your clients with you, we usually have a happy hour and keep our relationship intact. Our alumni are some of the firm’s best referral sources, and it says a lot about our firm that we still see them and they come back to our firm.


Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is a flat hierarchy “in the trenches” model – where lawyers and staff are all part of the same team. Founded by two Army veterans in 2001 – we are all about no BS.

We do not want senior lawyers who need lots of management or mentoring on how to do and sell work. We do not want people who are jerks – no matter how big their book.

All boats rise when someone makes rain. If you are looking for a collegial place to sell and do work, you have a book of business, and you like what you do, call us.

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Job Type: Full-time