Pbx Operator

Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa - San Diego, CA

Position Description

The PBX Operator ("Operador de PBX") Smiles and maintains a friendly attitude with all our guests. Provides good communication skills over the phone. Receives all incoming calls routing them accurately to the appropriate departments quickly and courteously, operates switchboard to relay incoming, outgoing, and interoffice calls. Is familiar with hotel policies, all department head names, administrative extensions, facilities, and scheduled functions.
1.Provides the callers with a positive and professional image of our company.
2.Communicates with the guests in a friendly and professional manner using a courteous tone as described in the department standards.
3.Acquires a comprehensive and up to date knowledge of the company in order to provide the guests information based on their needs.
4.Provides the guests accurate information about our resorts.
5.Answers guests' questions with patience and empathy.
6.Communicates with the guests using positive language and standard, professional English.
7.Follows through any situation or complaint to insure resolution of the issue and customer satisfaction.
8.Commits to company pursuit of excellence in service and of entrepreneurial, sales-focused culture.
9.Adheres and supports the mission and culture of Evans Hotels.
10.Supports a positive work environment and works well as a team member.
11.Reports any unsafe behavior or work condition to a supervisor and works together with other team members to assure a safe work environment.
12.Answers, screens and accurately connects guests, house and intercompany calls.
13.Is responsible for maintaining the PBX area in a clean and orderly fashion.
14.Runs daily reports as required or instructed.
15.Answers the phone in a professional manner, using specific standards.
16.Accurately makes sure that guests' messages are delivered and received.
17.Operates paging system to relay in-house messages or call individuals by phone.
18.Insures that the department has the most current telephone directory.
19.Files registration cards.
20.Performs clerical duties such as typing, proofreading, and sorting mail.
21.Courteously takes wake-up calls and logs properly
Position Requirements

  • Great Customer Service
  • Fluent in English, Bilingual is a plus
  • Language skills