Off-Duty Deputies/Police Officers

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The Off Duty Transit Deputy/Police Officer protects life, safety and welfare of transit patrons and employees, enforces laws and regulations, investigates crimes committed on or against facilities owned, controlled, or operated by the Authority, and protects Authority revenue. Serves as a sworn sheriff deputy or police officer with full apprehension and arrest powers throughout the Transit Zone. Work requires a substantial element of personal risk. Has latitude for independent judgment within established guidelines. Work requires tactful, conscientious and efficient performance of duties under minimal direct supervision.

Patrols Authority facilities to ensure order and prevent the commission of crime.
Operates assigned sherrif or police vehicles as required.
Investigates crimes or incidents, preserves evidence, identifies witnesses and protects the crime scene pending the arrival of investigating officer(s) and supervising official(s).
Responds to calls for law enforcement.
Provides assistance to transit patrons to include routing information and emergency first aid, including AED and CPR.
Performs revenue protection duties within the bus system and within the revenue collection facility.
Performs rescue functions at accidents, emergencies and disasters.
Transports and escorts prisoners, detainees, and mental patients, using handcuffs and other appropriate restraints.
Breaks up fights and affrays.
Engages in functions in confined areas, e.g., extended walking foot patrols, and physically inspecting buildings, stations, doors, elevators, windows, bus divisions, service yards and other areas to ensure they are secure.
Endures verbal and mental abuse when confronted with the hostile views and opinions of criminal defendants, suspects, arrestees, and other people encountered in an antagonistic environment.
Effectively restrains a criminal suspect, assailant, or perpetrator, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints, subdues resisting arrestees using maneuvers and resorts to the use of hands and feet and other approved devices in self-defense.
Pursues fleeing suspects and performs rescue operations and other duties which may involve quickly entering and exiting secured areas, lifting, carrying, and dragging heavy objects, climbing up and down elevated surfaces, climbing through openings, jumping over obstacles, crawling in confined areas, and using body force to gain entrance.
Performs searches of people, vehicles (buses, cars, etc.) mail, items, objects capable of concealing contraband, buildings and large outdoor areas which may involve feeling and detecting objects and detaining people.
Conducts visual and audio surveillance for extended periods of time.
Reviews and comprehends both legal and non-legal documents, including the processing of such documents as medical instructions, commitment orders, summons and other legal writs.
Performs crisis prevention, including counseling, suicide prevention, recognizing abnormal behavior and taking appropriate action.
Prepares investigative and other reports, including sketches, using appropriate grammar, symbols and mathematical computations, does filing, alphabetizing and labeling.
Gathers information in criminal and administrative investigations by interviewing and obtaining statements of victims, witnesses, suspects, and confidential informants and exercises independent judgment in determining when probable cause exists to recommend arrest, warrants or disciplinary action if required.
Detects and collects evidence and substances that provide the basis of criminal offenses or administrative violations; also detects the presence of conditions such as smoke, unusual or excessive noise, odors, etc.
Takes photographs and obtains a legible set of inked fingerprints of arrestees, suspects, etc.
May be required to work variable hours during inclement weather, and when necessary, work extended tours of duty.
Testifies in court relative to specific findings as required.
Conduct a security audit to identify threats and vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for remediation.
Verify utilization of safety partitions designed to protect bus operators from assaults.
Provide security for all terminations and suspensions and follow up 3rd step grievance meetings and arbitrations.
Attend Board meetings as necessary for security issue.
On a daily basis, transit sheriff deputies and police officers will assess and resolve situations that may require specific resources or special needs.
Communicate by operating radio equipment, using specific language and procedures.
Enforce fare evasion and other public ordinance violations to maintain compliance with the KCATA fare system, rules and procedures.
Address customer concerns regarding safety, security and quality of life issues.
Provide general security to KCATA passengers, vehicles, facilities, and parking lots.
Act as a public relations representative by providing passenger information and answering questions concerning system rules, schedules, and fares.
Write detailed reports regarding incidents and accidents and complete a Daily Activity Log.
Assist rerouting of passengers and operators during emergency or unusual circumstances.
Assist with various administrative tasks including processing citations, and training.
Enforce KCATA’s Notice of Trespass Warning.
Participate in revising KCATA’s Code of Conduct and crafting a Passenger Exclusion Policy.
Utilize the bus camera system to verify security incidents and use as a tool in prosecuting assailants.
Cooperate in all areas of mutual interest as it relates to System Safety and Emergency Preparedness: sharing data, information, planning, response, recovery, and other operational support programs.
Enhance and maximize both System Safety and Emergency Preparedness program capabilities for the purpose of protection the public health and safety, KCATA, and to preserve and safeguard property.
Provide a rapid coordinated and effective response with full utilization of all resources, including any resources on hand or available that are essential to the safety, care and welfare of those impacted in the event of an emergency or disaster declared by the City.
Coordinate random spot check and route observations (sting operations) focusing on security issues and displaying a police presence.
Participate in security related training to include assault awareness and prevention and conflict de-escalation techniques.
Participate in Department Safety and Security Committee meetings.
Conduct Joint Planning Tabletop and Full-Scale Exercise
KCATA, KCPD and Sheriff Department shall commence the planning for a tabletop exercise and a full-scale exercise. KCATA, Sheriff Department and KCPD will initiate a joint working group with Homeland Security charged with evaluating better methods for increased interoperable communications and enhanced interagency coordination for terrorism response, common operating protocols for communications and response, including emergency medical and fire operations.
Conduct Outreach Efforts
Participate in presenting information for community outreach programs to include the “Safe Place” transit campaign.
KCATA, Sheriff Department and the KCPD shall partner for a “See Something Say Something” or like campaign which shall seek to direct resources to bus operations that are susceptible to exploitation or attack by terrorist.

Ten or more years of law enforcement experience is preferred
Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
Must be proficient with Microsoft Office products with the ability to create, improve and maintain documents in Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and the ability to use Internet Explorer.
Must have experience with automated management information systems including the ability to input and obtain desired reports from such automated systems.
Must be able to analyze, interpret and communicate data, develop program proposals and administer projects.
Excellent interpersonal skills are a must.
Must have knowledge of all operating equipment.
Due to the unique/specialized responsibilities and nature of this position, abnormal work hours may be required from time to time, due to training activities and other work-related demands.

Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency certificate (GED). Twenty one (21) years of age on the date of appointment. U.S. Citizenship and have never been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor. Ten years of experience, or a combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills are acquired.

Training Required:
Certification from Law Enforcement Academy;
Certification in Crisis Intervention Team (CIT).

License/Certification Required:
Must possess a POST License;
Must possess first aid, CPR and AED certification;
Qualified in the use of firearms;
Valid driver’s license.

Position requires work in an office environment and in the field. Individual will be required to board and ride Authority buses. Requires automobile use and sitting for extended periods of time. Extensive computer and telephone use required in a fluorescent lighting area. Due to the unique nature of the job duties, abnormal hours may be experienced.

Required Job Qualifications:
Are you currently an active duty police officer or sheriff deputy?
Are you currently on probation?
Are you currently under an internal investigation?
Are you in good standing with your organization?
Do you have ten or more years of law enforcement experience?
Do you have certification from Law Enforcement Academy
Do you have certification in Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)?
Do you possess a P.O.S.T. management certificate?
Do you possess first aid, CPR and AED certification?
Are you qualified in the use of firearms?
Do you have a valid drivers license?
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