Student Liasion Administrative Assistant (Navy Military Training, CPPA)

Extreme Data Technologies - Gulfport, MS

30+ days agoFull-timeEstimated: $42,000 - $56,000 a year

Extreme Data Technologies (XDT) is currently looking for highly qualified individuals to provide administrative assistance to Navy Military Training (NMT) staff and perform the functions of Command Personnel and Pay Administrator (CPPA) for student personnel.


1. Ability to assist the NMT staff in liaising with Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) as well as NCTC Administrative Department staff on issues regarding Apprentice “A” school student personnel matters.

2. Ability to ensure all information is protected in accordance with Privacy Act (PA)/Personally Identifiable Information (PII) requirements.


1. Manages the student ACCESS database. Enters all additions, deletions and corrections to database. Ensures database is accurate, properly maintained and daily updates are completed. Troubleshoot, as necessary.
2. Processes and track all incoming “A” school students. Creates student records for indoctrination process. Manages and maintains all onboard student records. Creates blank indoctrination folders for incoming students.
3. Collects incoming student documentation.
4. Coordinates required medical screenings to Detailers. Ensures that the student database lists each student in the correct category according to their enlistment contract. Verifies if students are active duty or in a reserve component.
5. Ensures that information is available to Detailers for future duty assignments, along with each active duty student’s duty preferences. Responds to Detailer inquiries when directed regarding student orders, duty preference and waiver information.
6. Generates daily muster reports accounting for NMT staff. Tracks leave requests for all students and accounts for students on leave in muster report. Tracks all staff members’ authorized absences (special liberty, leave and temporary assigned duty) and accounts for in daily muster report.
7. Utilizes an internal made database through the ACCESS database program to pull reports such as: Alpha Rosters, Class Rosters, Class info, who is due for overseas screening, graduations, etc.
8. Prepares weekly holding company report to track all students who are in a holding status (i.e., medical, legal, interruption of instruction and waiting for instruction). Utilizes database to create new reports as needed. Reprogram automatic reports generated within the database with varying staff information.
9. Drafts and submits weekly Graduating Student’s Location of Ultimate Orders Report distributed to all Command Master Chiefs, Homeport Liaisons and Sponsor Coordinators of each available Seabee Command. Communicates between Command Sponsor Coordinators and students, ensuring students receive pertinent contact information to prepare for their follow-on duty station.
10. Generates daily “Word of the Day” publication to inform students of daily events and pertinent information.
11. Works closely with medical clinic personnel to coordinate/schedule medical screenings for students, including sea duty, separation and overseas physicals.

12. Communicate between medical and Course Managers regarding student medical appointments. Upon graduation, coordinates collection of student medical/dental records from Branch Health Clinic. Coordinates with civilian medical/dental facilities to reschedule appointments as necessary and schedules student transportation to/from appointments.
13. Creates weekly roster of current students on board and provides report to Charlie Company Commander.
14. Assembles/prepares check-out packets for about 52 graduating personnel per month.
15. Updates databases of students assigned, personnel files and reports as required to accurate maintenance.
16. Submit all reports associated with student population onboard NCTC Gulfport accurately and in a timely manner.
17. Locates, manages and assists other departments with matters pertaining to the student personnel needs/requirements from initial check-in until student check-out.
18. Prepares student transfer packet and make available to students at time of check-out.
19. Performs CPPA functions for student personnel.

Please provide compensation requirement with resume/references.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract