Retired Judge for a Board Seat (Supreme Court or Federal Court)

New York State Arbitration Alternative Corporation - New York, NY


The NYSAA (New York State Arbitration Alternative Corporation) Is seeking to identify an ambassador to join its board of directors and receive equity within the corporation vesting over time.

The NYSAA is the premium revolutionary Arbitration Dispute Resolution Confidential Binding Program in a New York Minute!

The entire process runs from either 30 days for dispute up to $250K and or 90 days for any dispute above. There is no fees collected by the NYSAA Arbitration Platform from the parties. No surprises. The system is based on a revenue share. All arbitrators include a few retired NY juges, many practicing lawyers rabbis priests and many industry experts already vetted, we perform a psychological tests and ethical tests as well a as background check on all neutrals. (We are the only ADR center that conduct those tests.)

People apply as Mediators or Arbitrators not both many operate on other existing competing platform.

Our revenue model is a rev share with our neutrals whom based on experience and skills share less and less with the platform all starting at 50/50 and based on some performance base may see their rev share reduce as low as to 30%.

This position is for a retired NY judge supreme commercial court division in any of the five boroughs sing up as our ambassador and board member, someone with credibility, someone that was never corrupted, nor in any scandals, a respected former NY (preferred) State or Federal Judge to embrace the new disruptive arbitration platform give feedback and integrate the group as its spokesman.

There is no salary but up to 5% equity that shall vest over time for taking some lead and providing feedback as an Arbitration expert to the group. This is a startup launching in October. We intend to disrupt the entire industry with a fast paste confidential affordable process. We believe the AAA to be immoral and unjustly enriched by taking percentage of the award and we sincerely believe it to be conflictual with justice.

We also believe courts are poorly situated to hear commercial disputes as judges are too often limited in scope of knowledge and Jury are not appropriate for those matters.

JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED and the NYSAA with your leadership intends to do so.

The NYSAA is a premium newly created arbitration forum focusing on various industries.

The NYSAA launches its program in mid to end October 2019 and is actively identifying and recruiting industry experts

Job Type: Part-time


  • bench (judge or justice): 10 years (Preferred)


  • New York, NY 10016 (Preferred)

Additional Compensation:

  • Commission

Hours per week:

  • Less than 10