Music Intern

Correalle Companies - Baltimore, MD


Correalle & Company is a small holding company which creates and owns other small businesses.

Quick Background: Correalle started as Sorrento Companies 20 years ago. At that time we owned appx 7 businesses (Restaurant, Yoga Studio, Real Estate & more). In the last few years we have shed some weight and focused on a core type of businesses.

We currently own three businesses and have plans to open two more in the next 2-5 years. Those businesses we currently own are Sorrento Media, PIVOT Creative Spaces and Sorrento Holdings (You can learn more about them at

Just so you have a better understanding of the company and how it started I have a breif summary.


My name is Brandon; I'm 28 and I own Correalle Companies. Growing up from the age of three years on I worked side by side in business with my father who owned a very large restauraunt called Sorrento of Arbutus. Several years ago I created my first business outside of Sorrentos and have opend many more since then.My vision is to continue to create companies/businesses that shape our future, bring on amazing people to work with and create a great team, help people all over the world and make all of us alot of money. Pretty Simple.

All of our executives are under 30 and our company culture is very unique.

We are currently looking for a Music Intern to assist with planning advertisements and other marketing material and what types of sounds, music or other musical type should be included.

Duties will include:

-Creating custom sounds/music for advertisements

- Researching/Selecting best type of music for our business locations that members/customers will enjoy

- Preparing reports on new sound/music info

- Attend planning meetings

This is a stipend based Internship in which Intern receives $10-50/week (Depending on what we agree upon). This is an experience based Internship for those who need to fulfill school credits/requirements.

Job Type: Internship

Salary: $10.00 to $50.00 /week