Shift Leader

Hardee's | DORO Incorporated | Northland Restaurant Group LLC - Aberdeen, SD3.5

We are seeking a Shift Leader who like to lead people and grow business by giving great customer service.

Franchisee of Hardee’s Restaurants, LLC, DORO Incorporated, has owned and operated Hardee's restaurants since 1968. Over the last 50 years DORO has emerged as one of the fastest-growing independent franchisees of Hardee's Restaurants, LLC. DORO's commitment to its people through training and a strong focus on culture has allowed the organization to grow at an improbable rate. From 2000 to 2006 DORO acquired 71 restaurants in Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, this growth sparked the creation of a new company, Northland Restaurant Group. From 2012 to 2018, Northland Restaurant Group and DORO grew through acquisition and new construction by more than 50 restaurants bringing the grand total to 115. DORO and Northland Restaurant Group's President Jon Munger says it best "every time we add a restaurant, we bring more talented people into our organization as well as provide advancement and development opportunities for our existing people". DORO and Northland Restaurant Group's continued commitment to its people is the reason it stands as the third largest Hardee's franchisee in the United States.

Basic Function:
To assist in accomplishing the Company's Mission Statement. Ensures that Company operations and personnel policies and procedures are complied with at all times. Is responsible for producing high quality food and fast/courteous customer service in order to maintain sales and profit expectations. Must be available to cover shifts as necessary and in accordance with the Company needs, including nights, weekends and holidays

Able to perform the essential functions of the job with or with out reasonable accomodations
Maintains personal hygiene and grooming standards
Follows Company uniform policies
Accomplishes station work at a “Meets Standards” level or better
Performs basic math skills (additions, subtraction, mulitiplication, division, percentages)
Has command of English and basic grammar skills
Demonstrates SQC at a Meets Standards level which would build sales
Maintains minimum Quality Assurance to achieve a Green Eco-Sure Audit Meets all competencies of preceeding positions
Request scores as eligible per requirements
Negative drug screen
Have the ability to separate relationships with all employees following our “No Fraternization” policy.
Position is hourly and classified as Non-exempt
Maintain regular attendance and punctual timeliness
Schedules are dependant on restaurant sales and may fluctuate during the course of the year
Has successfully completed the state Sanitation Certification course when requested
Have the ability to separate relationships with all employees following our “No Fraternization” Policy

1) Equipment cleaning and temperature checks

Bun Toasters
Fry Vats
Coffee Machines
Soft Drink System
Heated Equipment (heat wells, overshelf, ovens, transfer cabinet)
Refrigerated Equipment (coolers, freezers and displays)
Slicers (roast beef and produce)

2. Supervisory Skills

Consistently demonstrate supervisory skills
Able to direct employees in a professional manner
Ability to appropriately handle customer complaints
Addresses employee issues/complaints appropriately and bring to immediate attention of General Manager or Director of Operations
Takes immediate on-the-spot corrective action
Praises employees to maintain high restaurant morale
Demonstrates ability to make informed decisions or judgement regarding situations
3. Communication

Demonstrate ability to effectively use one and two way communication
Effective and proper use of the communication log
Participates in management meetings

4. Company Policies

Complies with Company policies and rules and regulations
Can complete all shift related forms and reports
Is familiar with the Company Handbook to explain policies and can effectively answer all policy questions

5. Service, Quality and Cleanliness (SQC) Standards

Maintains SQC while running a shift according to Hardee’s Operational Manual
Is able to correct deficiencies in SQC standards during a shift
Knows and understands all SQC evaluation tools

6. Understands and Complies with Legal Requirements and Government Regulations

Wage and Hour (DWD)
City, County and State Health Departments
Worker’s compensatin
Child Labor Laws (Federal and State)
7. Safety and Security

Knowledgeable with the Company policies and rules concerning crew and customer safety, OSHA requirements, cash control, robbery, threats and inclement weather
Understand and implement workplace injury notification procedures in timely fashion as outlined by Workers Comp Policy

8. Finance

Cash control accountabilities within Company guidelines
Inventory control accountabilities to include receiving and transferring product, recording raw and finished waste and doing the actual daily inventory
Labor control accountabilities to include identifying needs within the actual schedule, using the ROS Board, maintaining labor goals and scheduling back up duties
Identifying and resolving deficiencies of the above

9. Shift Control

Can direct and manage all employees while running a shift
Uses shift control tools and all forms needed to effectively run a shift
Uses problem solving process to maintain productivity
10. Training

Conducts technical training at a "4" level or better
Effectively utilizes the Restaurant's 3 step training process
Effectively uses the crew certification process
Ability to determine when an employee needs further training and follow-up with any necessary coaching

11. Performace Reviews

Effective and timely input with the Crew performance review system
Provides ongoing feedback

Successfully completes Shift Leader Workbook and the Manager in Charge Certification Test
OPS Test passed at minimum of 90%
Completed all Shift Leader Workshops demonstrating effectiveness in use of ROS and the OCC, proper handling of guest comments, use of supervisory skills and successfully completes the QA Audit
Restaurant Assessment meets standards on a shift where candidate is the Manager in Charge
Acts and dresses professionally and enforces Company grooming standards
Maintains all POP to Division standards
Controls cash within guidelines
Maintains labor within guidelines

Accurately counts cash tills, completes deposit and deposit log in accordance with Management Cash Procedures and can perform the POS overring function
Bank deposits made in accordance to Management Cash Procedures
Accurately fills out the time correction log
Knowledge of proper procedures regarding employee or guest injuries
Working knowledge of the Company Mission Statement

Working knowledge of three Company policies:
a. Harassment
b. Employee Bill of Rights/Suggestions and Personnel Problems
c. Minor Labor Law

Accurately completes daily and weekly ring-outs and accurately counts daily and weekly inventory maintaining GAP within guidelines
Accurately posts inventory, inventory waste, receipts and tranfers into the POS
Accurately maintains TCE ledger sheets
Accurately completes daily and weekly administrative paperwork
Completes OSHA self inspection using key components to achieve ZAC
Accurately counts monthly inventory
Accurately completes a monthly ring-out
Accurately completes monthly administrative paperwork
Effectively uses food and paper ordering system

Brand: Hardee's
Address: 124 6th Avenue SW Aberdeen, SD - 57401
Property Description: 231 - Aberdeen
Property Number: 231