Director of Staff Development

Lakewood Healthcare Center - Downey, CA

Under the direction and supervision of the Administrator and through consultation and cooperation with the Director of Nurses, the Director of Staff Development is responsible for planning, implementation, direction and evaluation of the facility’s educational programs for all employees and quality assurance and improvement in the facility.
  • A graduate from an accredited school of professional nursing.
  • Current licensure as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse in the state in which practicing.
  • Has a minimum of two years experience as a Licensed Nurse in supervision and providing care in a
long-term care facility.
  • Has a 24-hours continuing education course in planning, implementing and evaluating educational
programs in nursing.
  • Possess mental and physical health.
  • Ability to read, write and speak the English language.
  • Coordinates theoretical and clinical orientation to all new employees.
  • Provides all documents supporting orientation to the facility’s policies and procedures for maintenance
in individual employee file folders.
  • Provides timely documentation of all History/Physicals and TB screenings within seven (7) days of
  • Reviews Blood Borne Pathogen Policy and Procedure.
  • Coordinates and conducts an effective on-going in-service plan to all employees.
  • Education Nursing Reinforcement and Training to meet annual 24-hour requirement to all nursing
  • Provides and coordinates mandatory annual in-services to all facility employees in accordance with State
and Federal regulations and Company policy.
  • Coordinates yearly calendar and provides schedule to administrator and all department heads.
  • Schedule annual in-service education for all personnel.
Job Descriptions Manual
  • Proper turning and repositioning as indicated.
  • Being exercised/massaged every two hours with each position change.
  • Having proper bedside supplies (washbasin, bedpan, emesis basin, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Not left unattended in the bathrooms for long periods of time.
  • Male residents are shaved during their a.m. care, and female residents are shaved whenever facial
hair is evident.
  • Checked and changed routinely and never left with wet diapers, whether in a wheelchair or bed.
  • Fingernails kept clean and trimmed.
  • Never having dried eye secretions crusted in their eyes.
  • Having privacy curtains drawn at all times while rendering nursing care.
  • Having call lights answered promptly and/or kept within reach at all times.
  • Having all food served appropriately, i.e. meat cut, ice cream lids off, etc. Feeder trays are never
to be left in the carts; they are to be obtained immediately from the kitchen when resident is
ready to be fed.
  • Having diet trays checked and Aides assisted in determining percentages.
  • Restraints applied appropriately and released every two (2) hours as ordered.
Check CNA documentation as per facility policy and provide in-service class as needed.
Provide annual proficiency evaluations on nurse assistants while supervising nursing skills and procedures as they relate to the Nurse Assistant’s duties.
Provide on-going in-services and supervision of Infection Control Policies (standard precautions, hand washing, MRSA, VRE and isolation techniques).
Make monthly schedule and daily assignments for all CNA’s.
Insure that performance evaluations on all employees are done three (3) months after employment and yearly thereafter.
Interview and hire nursing assistants.

Insure that all employee files are current::
  • Yearly physical and TB screening
  • Yearly evaluation
  • CPR card current (if applicable)
  • License valid and current
Act as Infection Control Coordinator.
Attend all scheduled company provided training/in-services for Director of Staff Development.
Meet with personnel as appropriate to assist in identifying and correcting all problem areas and/or improvement of services.
Counsel nursing assistants as needed under supervision of Administrator and Director of Nursing.
Conduct nurse’s aide meetings as often as necessary. OF STAFF DEVELOPMENT– Cont’d.
Job Descriptions Manual
  • Maintains all in-service records on all employees in current, neat and orderly fashion.
  • Attach lesson plan criteria of information presented.
  • Individual educational profiles on all Nursing Assistants to ensure all 24-hour annual requirements
are met.
  • Assist the Administrator and the Director of Nursing Services in insuring that all nursing procedures and
policies are reinforced.
  • Monitor, support, teach, and supervise the nursing staff on established procedures, both clinical and
theory, on an on-going basis including follow through with one-on-one teaching techniques as needed.
  • Make daily rounds to insure residents are receiving appropriate nursing care, such as:
Job Descriptions Manual

  • Attend all meetings required by the Administrator.
  • Monitor completion of distinct part sign-in sheet.
  • Complete incident log once a month.
  • Act as Safety Coordinator.
  • Others as may become necessary and appropriate or as may be directed by the Director of Nurses or Administrator.
  • Presents professional image to consumers through dress, behavior and speech.
  • Adheres to Company standards for resolving consumer concerns.
  • Insures that all resident rights are protected.