Biomedical Engr.- Student learning assist

Florida International University - Miami, FL4.3

Part-time$2,400 a month
Job Summary

Biomedical Engineering is currently seeking a Learning Assistant to join their team of professionals. Learning/Course Assistants are assigned to labs or classes to work with students alongside the primary instructor. Duties to include:
Provide Problem Review Sessions for students on course material.
Provide tutoring in subject course work.
Assist instructors in proctoring exams.
Assist instructors in grading quizzes and tests.
Assist instructors by providing additional office hours to help students with any questions or problems.
Assist instructors in facilitating the learning of the difficult course material to students.
Must meet weekly with the instructor to plan and prepare course content and instructional design. Expected to use student-centered teaching techniques and so must learn what those are and how they can be used most effectively in their particular discipline.
Must prepare on their own outside of instructor meeting time.
Must participate in peer and self-assessment by observing and providing informal feedback to their peers. This is intended to have students recognize the importance of reflective practice. The self-assessment occur with reflective writings and interviews with faculty and graduate students.

Minimum Qualifications

Requires prior completion of FIU Service Excellence training or completion within first 30 days.
Knowledge of classroom subject.
Customer service knowledge
Basic level of Microsoft Office Suites.
Ability to work independently as needed
Ability to provide direction to students.
Ability to maintain confidentiality when dealing with highly sensitive information.

$700.00 to $5000.00 total gross per semester (paid in biweekly increments)

Job Category

Student Assistant

Student Disclosure

Applicants must be currently enrolled as a student at FIU with a minimum of 6 credits as an Undergraduate student or 3 credits as a Graduate student.

Work Schedule

8 hours per week - Varies

Advertised Salary

Contract Rate $1200 / Biweekly $150

Pre-Employment Requirements

Criminal Background Check
This student appointment may be subjected to a pre-employment background check.
For more information, please reference Background Check Requirement Policy #1710.257.

Student Background Checks

Background check and fingerprinting is required if the job includes any of the following:

Yes or No

Working directly with and/or residing with minors and/or vulnerable persons

Handling/managing cash, checks, cash transactions, gift cards, debit/credit cards, and/or cash equivalent. no
Information technology (IT) related functions no
Driving on behalf of the university (MVR Check only) no
Those working in the Athletics Department who travel with students to events no
Working within museums, no