Automotive Service Writer - Jiffy Lube 3697

CBI Jiffy Lube - Manassas, VA

The primary goal of the Automotive Service Writer (ASW) position is to maintain outstanding customer service. The responsibilities of the Automotive Service Writer are broken up into two major categories: service writing and cashier operations.

In the areas of service writing, the Automotive Service Writer handles the customer greeting, service review, ring-out, and escorting customers using the Company’s “No-Handles” policy. The ASW writes up work orders and should have an efficient, courteous method of obtaining information to expeditiously service the customer's needs. In addition, the ASW will be responsible for making sure that the customer's personal and vehicle information are provided to the lube technicians as soon as possible. The ASW must have knowledge of all the services the company provides, the pricing for the services, the various systems and components on the customer’s vehicle, and how our services benefit the customer. The Automotive Service Writer will need to understand and use the POS system in order to service the customer's vehicle maintenance needs.

In the areas of cashier operations, the Automotive Service Writer is directly responsible for customer ring out procedures and must possess knowledge of all policies regarding these issues. Cashier responsibilities include processing sales quickly, accurately, and efficiently, and safeguarding company assets. The ASW will be responsible for the upkeep of the lobby, office, and bathroom areas so the consumer feels a sense of value and comfort. The cashier must be perceptive to the needs of customers such as comfort, information, etc. Cashier operations will also include telephone answering and describing services, prices, and other information to the consumer.

General Goals/Duties:
  • Answer telephone using the telephone answering script. Phone duties include providing information to customers regarding services, directions and hours of operation, taking messages for managers from vendors, the office, etc.
  • Maintain orderly appearance of the customer lounge, including cleaning the customer restroom, making coffee, cleaning, organization, stocking, and any other job necessary to the upkeep of these areas.
  • Accurately and efficiently perform the “ring-out” using the POS, and maintain all cash and media. This will include organization of all work orders, current advertising programs, procedures on fleets, and any other job related to ring out operations.
  • Audit the daily cash receipts before the end of each business day. This would include printing a statistics report and matching up the number and dollar amount of the credit cards, checks, fleets, coupons, warranties, promos, and paid-outs to the daily statistics report. If the numbers are not balanced, the ASW will research and correct the problem if possible. If not possible, the ASW will make a notation and provide info to the manager.
  • Keep a daily log of all problems associated with cashier operations. This includes logging problems with credit cards, incorrect info on invoices, etc. This info will then be provided to the manager at the end of each operating day.
  • Maintain an awareness of all promotions and advertisements. This includes identifying the type of coupon, proper discount amount, and coding, determining if the coupon is foreign, and the rules and expire date of the program.
  • Maintain current and accurate information in the customer history file. This includes using proper entry format, fixing reminder cards, verifying that customer address and telephone number are current, etc.
  • Accurately and efficiently utilize the TeleCheck and credit card machines.
  • Communicate customer requests to the General Manager and Assistant Managers.
Service Provided to Each Customer:
  • Ensure that customer receives outstanding service by providing a friendly environment, which includes greeting and acknowledging every customer.
  • Use the POS system to determine if the customer is new or repeat.
  • If the customer is a repeat, then the ASW will greet the customer by name and verify their personal/vehicle information. If the information is incorrect, then it will be necessary for the ASW to input the correct information into the POS.
  • If the customer is new, then the ASW will input the information directly to the POS which shall include the license plate number and the name, address, and phone of the customer to include the customer's email address.
  • Explain to the customer the value of the Jiffy Lube system, including automotive record maintenance, reminder card processing, and mileage recommendations based upon the customer's history within the system
  • Escort the customer to and from PMM station from the lounge.
  • Review vehicle manufactures recommendations.
  • Review Jiffy Lube services.
  • Review Report on Conditions (ROC), including showing items that need replacement such as dirty air filters or torn wiper blades.
  • Gather new items for installation.
  • Return ROC items for reinstall.
  • Depending on the size of the team, the ASW may be required to drive vehicles into the service bay, vacuum the interior floors, assist with vehicle light check, request under vehicle status, complete the checkpoints screen on the POS, and complete and forward the invoice to the cashier terminal.
  • Inform the customer when the service is completed.
  • Review the invoice with the customer, explain each service that was performed, and explain the status of the checkpoints. If any services were recommended but not performed, the ASW will need to give the customer related literature, pricing, and length of the service if they wish to perform it in the future.
  • Accept payment from the customer.
  • Escort the customer from the lounge to his or her vehicle.
At CBI, the team concept extends to every position, from the entry level employee to the President. Our neat and professional appearance, both inside and out, is our collective responsibility. It is, therefore, everyone's responsibility, for example, to pick up trash, cut grass, clean bathrooms, sweep floors, etc. Whatever it takes! The job description provides information on the material duties and responsibilities of this position at CBI's locations. However, this job description is not intended to be an all-inclusive list, but rather a general description of the position. In every position, employees are expected to perform the duties and responsibilities assigned to them by their supervisors, regardless of whether such duties and responsibilities are described in the job description.

The ideal candidate will have:
  • A high school diploma/GED (required)
  • Valid Driver's License (required)
  • A courteous and helpful attitude
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate with customers
  • Knowledge of automotive services or demonstrated ability to learn quickly and memorize information
  • Familiarity with point of sale interactions
Note: Uniforms will be worn and grooming standards will be in effect to provide an image of professionalism at all times.