Senior Police Advisor (INL - Senegal)

Celestar Corporation - Washington, DC

The Celestar Corporation has been issued an IMMEDIATE NEED Task Order to provide support to the Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). As a result, we’re looking for a Senior Police Advisor who will be seated at the U.S Embassy in Dakar, Senegal. If interested and qualified, we welcome you to post for this challenging opportunity.

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Moderate Risk Public Trust (MPRT) Certification; may begin work with an interim MRPT security clearance.

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: One (1) Year from the Date of Assignment with the potential for Four (4) follow-on Option Years.

LEVEL OF EFFORT: Hours for this full‐time position will be the core hours of U.S. Embassy Dakar, Monday through Friday with a minimum of 40 hours per week, 8 hours per day. The Advisor will be on call at all times while in country.

TRAVEL: Travel is anticipated for this position; frequent travel throughout Senegal and internationally is anticipated and required.

The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) is responsible for the development, supervision, coordination, and implementation of international narcotics control assistance activities and international criminal justice issues for the U.S. Department of State (DOS). The Office of Africa and Middle East Programs (INL/AME) is the designated lead for capacity building with corrections services in West Africa, in particular with Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, and Tunisia (henceforth “partner countries”).

The Senior Police Advisor will report to Celestar. The Advisor works most closely with the US Embassy in INL/Senegal, Contracting Officer (CO), and Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). The Advisor shall maintain open, timely, and effective communications with the INL-designated point of contact, currently the Political Section Chief, and as appropriate with the INL/AME in INL’s Office of Africa and Middle East (INL/AME) in Washington, DC, on issues falling under the scope of work, resulting in a relationship that proactively addresses potential problems with flexible, workable solutions.

The scope of this project is to provide a highly experienced, well qualified U.S. or international Senior Police Advisor (hereafter Advisor) to serve as an Advisor to the law enforcement agency in Senegal and collaborate with other police agencies in West Africa, principally Burkina Faso, Morocco, Mali, and Niger. This project is essential to further INL goals in West Africa, which includes Senegal. In particular, INL is working to help police services and corrections administrations from the region improve capabilities and effectively advance regional collaboration.

Provide high-quality guidance, advice, and mentoring to law enforcement counterparts in country.
Assist in identifying needs, coordinating with partners, and developing program plans with INL and the Embassy on a broad range of law enforcement topics under the following defined areas: Human Resources (recruitment, personnel management, training strategy and execution); Budgeting/Financial Management; Logistics/Resource Management (including support to units in provincial cities), Operations/Unit Management (leadership and personnel motivation, use of force, and public communication strategy); and specific areas of policing (community policing and traffic/rural patrol).
Assist with developing, coordinating, and implementing comprehensive reform plans. While providing assistance on a broad range of law and police topics, the work plan for the Advisor will include but not be limited to: training systems and training academy development, human resources (recruitment, personnel management), use of force and crowd control, road safety, community-oriented policing, internal affairs, public outreach and communications and strategic planning.
Assist in identifying training, equipment, and facility needs for law enforcement agencies; identifying opportunities for partnership; and reporting on opportunity and challenges that could enhance, impact, delay, or otherwise affect implementation of this and other INL projects.
Assist with the development of procedural manuals, reference materials, training curriculum, or other written products to facilitate the development of these capabilities among corrections.
Provide technical expertise and mentoring as requested on a wide range of operational, administrative, procedural, and technical matters relative to law enforcement, civilian public security/police operations, and U.S. law-enforcement-related projects. Such topics include but are not limited to: organizational management, standardized procedures, accountability, performance standards and evaluations, implementation of a “continuous training” program, and development of manuals and institution standards.
Submit regular written reports to INL and Embassy Designee(s) or her/his designate as required by the Contractor or INL (weekly reports, monthly reports, trips reports).
Keep INL and Embassy informed of local developments and environmental conditions within the law enforcement arena.
Attend the "Law Enforcement Working Group" and staff meetings weekly, and collaborate with INL and the Embassy staff on a variety of law enforcement related matters.
Aid in drafting diplomatic notes (i.e. dipnotes) and invitations for trainings and liaise with the National Police to send participants to INL-sponsored trainings, such as those to the International Law Enforcement Academy, and coordinate logistics with the U.S. Embassy to facilitate participant travel.

United States Citizen or Third Country National (TCN)
U.S. Citizen shall be in possession of a current U.S. State Driver’s License
Third Country Nationals shall be in possession of a National Identification Document that is Valid for the Full Period of Prospective Deployment.
Bachelor's Degree or higher, or equivalent, in Criminal Justice, Law, or related field from an accredited institution.
Graduation from a State-Accredited Law Enforcement Academy or Training Institution, while Third Country Nationals must demonstrate Graduation from an Equivalent Law Enforcement Academy or Training Institution of their Home Country.
Advisor must have at least Eighteen (18) Years of demonstrated experience as a Full-Time Law Enforcement Officer in a Full-Service, Civilian U.S. or Canadian Law Enforcement entity; Military Police experience is viewed very favorably, but does not count toward experience requirement.
Advisor must have served at least Three (3) Years in a Senior Level Law Enforcement Management or Administrative position, which involves Human Resources, Budget/Financial Management, Logistics/Resources Management, and/or Operations/Unit Management.
Demonstrated experience in a wide range of operational and administrative issues, including experience in management/supervision and strategic planning, and career must exhibit evidence of progressively responsible leadership experience in cited past positions.
Demonstrated ability to build and maintain key relationships in a culturally diverse environment and negotiate the resolution of conflicting views to enable the implementation of policies and programs.
Demonstrated superior coordination, collaboration and interpersonal skills.
Ability to drive a 4x4 vehicle with a manual transmission.
French language capability at or above a level equivalent to a recognized foreign language proficiency measurement framework, such as the Foreign Service Institute’s defined 3/3 level or Common European Framework for Reference for Language’s B2 or C1 level, Berlitz, or other. Demonstration or proof of language capability required, unless the individual is a native French speaker.
Excellent English communication skills (reading, listening, report writing, and oral presentation) and the ability to participate fully and effectively in conversations on a variety of topics in formal and informal settings from both concrete and abstract perspectives; this includes being able to discuss their fields of competence, explain complex matters in detail, and provide concise and coherent narrations.
Demonstrated working knowledge and demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

At least One (1) Year of International experience in Law Enforcement Operations and Reform.
Service as an Active-Duty Police Officer within the past Seven (7) Years.
Demonstrated experience with developing or revising curricula to meet new standards.
Demonstrated experience with working with police reform and restructuring and /or implementation and monitoring of unit standards.
Demonstrated experience in community outreach by a local police force.
Demonstrated experience working with a civil law (a.k.a. Napoleonic, European) justice system (U.S. operates under common law).
Demonstrated experience working with international and foreign assistance entities, assistance missions, programs, and implementers.
Demonstrated experience in public outreach/education; training/project assessors; strategic/tactical planners.
Demonstrated experience in one or more of the following areas:
Internal Investigations
Gang Violence
Road Safety/Traffic Police
Internal Affairs/Integrity
Human Resource Management
Leadership, Motivation, and Career Management
Use of Force
Community Policing and Strategy related to Citizen Engagement
Communication/Public Affairs
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Best Athlete Selection Process! With this in mind, please ensure that the required and/or desired experience is reflected on your resume to receive fair and competitive consideration.

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