Education Coordinator

Oregon Child Development Coalition, Inc. - Madras, OR (30+ days ago)

Implements a developmental and culturally appropriate education program in compliance with Agency policies and procedures and Head Start Performance Standards.

Essential Duties

Essential Functions: Regular and consistent attendance is an essential function of this position 1. Classroom Observations a. Observes classrooms for developmentally appropriate practices required posted materials adequate and appropriate materials safety/sanitation and other Agency required guidelines." 2. Documentation a. Maintains complete and accurate required records forms reports and documentation of classroom monitoring and observations." b. Completes reports on time. c. Determines what documents to transfer to the transition program. 3. Guidance and Support a. Reviews weekly planning forms and children’s files and provides appropriate feedback and guidance to ensure compliance with agency policies and guidelines. b. Supervises preparation of classrooms in order to provide a safe environment. c. Provides supports through entire skills acquisition process. d. Assists teachers to plan transition activities for children. e. Guides the teacher toward improved skills in observing and assessing children on an ongoing basis link this information to individualizing learning experiences and follow children’s progress over time." f. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to guide staff in implementing observing and evaluating culturally and linguistically appropriate research-based curricula to support diverse children and families." g. Assists staff to use evidence-based practical preventive strategies to both decrease the occurrence of challenging behavior and promote young children’s social competence." h. Performs an assessment of staff needs through observation and communication. 4. Monitoring a. Monitors children’s files and lesson plans for compliance and developmentally appropriate practices. b. Ensures use of appropriate Agency approved developmentally appropriate curriculums as well as including an anti-bias approach. c. Ensures that pre-school teachers provide children with quality materials and experiences to promote all areas of development to meet the Head Start Child Outcomes. d. Reviews all paperwork prepared by teachers. e. Uses effective strategies for tracking staff progress over time to determine if staff has actually acquired new knowledge and skills as a result of mentoring and coaching. 5. Coordination a. Coordinates developmental screenings organizing schedules and preparing materials." b. Coordinates education mental health and disabilities training and technical assistance to staff and families." 6. Implementation a. Plans reviews assesses and designs strategies for successful implementation of the Agency education mental health and disabilities plan." 7. Collaboration a. Collaborates with Education Supervisor and Content Specialists to coordinate training at local pre-service for staff and throughout the season for staff and families. b. Collaborates and integrates with other service areas in determining and defining needs and delivering training." c. Collaborates with Education Supervisor and Management Team on designing follow-up to trainings which ensure skills acquisition. d. Collaborates with Family and Health Services in the transition of families and children into public school in the areas of education mental health and disabilities." e. Collaborates with Family and Health Services staff in coordinating meetings with teachers from OCDC and public schools. f. Collaborates with Site Coordinators to maintain classroom with required furnishings materials and supplies." g. Collaborates with Family and Health Services staff in assisting parents with the transition process. h. Collaborates with all program service staff and managers to ensure developmentally appropriate inclusion in the classroom of required topics and procedures. i. Works with other coordinators to ensure an integrated and coordinated transition process. j. Assists County Management placement team in placement of children in the classroom. 8. Integration a. Administers program integration in the county. b. Participates in Case Management Team (CMT) meetings. c. Participates in referrals and Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) development as needed." 9. Training a. Conducts training for staff and parents as required. b. Meets with teaching classroom staff on a regular basis to answer questions and provide technical assistance. c. Demonstrates knowledge and skills in adult learning styles. 10. Purchasing and Inventory a. Ensures that ordering purchasing receiving and distributing materials needed promptly by classrooms in accordance with Agency purchasing guidelines." b. Maintains inventory control of all educational materials and equipment. 11. Communications a. Maintains and supports integrative communication system with staff. b. Plans and facilitates weekly teacher meetings. c. Meets with Education Supervisor on a regular basis to discuss concerns/needs. d. Meets with other program coordinators as necessary. e. Informs parents of identified concerns and maintaining required forms. f. Provides on-going information to parents via memos home visits telephone and personal contact." g. Maintains close communication with the Family and Health Services Supervisor and Family Advocates regarding children with health needs. h. Communicates and problem solves with staff. i. Demonstrates interpersonal skills. 12. Referrals a. Reviews screenings in order to make appropriate referrals. b. Follows up continually on referrals and IFSP goals within required timelines. 13. Program Knowledge a. Assures that education and mental health activities correlate with established goals objectives and work plans." b. Assures program compliance with Head Start Performance Standards Oregon Child Care Division regulations and other applicable rules." 14. Supervision a. Leads and monitors daily operations. b. Communicates effectively to build trust. c. Recruits selects orientates and supervises education mental health and disabilities staff." d. Conducts timely performance evaluations as required and as necessary. e. Provides on-going individual feedback toward the goal of effective performance through modeling coaching recognition/praise and corrective action as appropriate and in a timely manner." f. Provides guidance and support to staff developing skills and progress in their position. g. Provides and supports professional development and training opportunities for staff. h. Reviews and authorizes staff time records and overtime to ensure compliance with Agency policies and procedures in regards to wage and hour laws and regulations if applicable. 15. Professional Development a. Maintains professional and technical knowledge. b. Attends designated educational workshops trainings and seminars establishing personal networks participating in training and coordinating activities as part of the statewide OCDC team." 16. Skill and Knowledge Development a. Maintains skill and technical knowledge in assigned subject area. b. Attends educational workshops trainings and seminars establishing personal networks to maintain expertise in field." 17. Professional and Ethical Conduct a. Supports Our Mission What We Do and Our Vision and Values in daily activities." b. Demonstrates and applies continually the principles and values of OCDC’s Code of Ethics Code of Behavior and Code of Conduct." c. Maintains confidence and protects agency operations by keeping information confidential in compliance with OCDC policy and procedures. d. Applies safety practices in all facets of the performance of duties in compliance with safety standards and immediately reports any unsafe or hazardous working conditions and/or any injury. e. Abides by the Head Start Standards of Conduct. 18. Mandatory First Responder a. Provides emergency services. b. Responding to child/adult emergencies by using First Aid and CPR skills. c. Contacting appropriate medical personnel. d. Ensuring documentation related to incident is completed. e. Participating in fire drills and assisting in the evacuation of the children. 19. Other a. Performs other work related or assigned duties.

Education And Experience Requirements

Education and Job Requirements: BA/BS degree or higher in early childhood education; OR BA/BS degree or higher in any field and coursework equivalent to a major relating to early childhood education; AND Minimum of 2 years related experience; preferably in areas of supervision mentoring and coaching." Other Job Requirements: 1. Demonstrated knowledge of Head Start system. 2. Possess current First Aid and CPR cards with infant/child CPR. 3. Ability to travel occasionally. 4. Ability to pass agency sponsored physical examination. 5. This position is an authorized driver and must possess current driver’s license good driving record and auto insurance coverage as defined by OCDC Policy." 6. Ability to relate positively to children and adults. 7. Must be enrolled in Oregon Criminal History Registry. 8. Must maintain any current educational licensing. 9. THIS IS A MANDATED RESPONDER POSITION. Other Skill Requirements 1. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred. Bilingual fluency may be required at some work sites. 2. Must have ability to operate computers and possess basic knowledge of MS Windows Microsoft Word and other software." 3. Excellent supervision managerial and organizational skills." 4. Excellent communication skills. 5. Effective training/development skills. 6. Must perform duties with moderate direction given operating from established directions and instructions. Decisions are made with general agency policy constraints but occasionally requires independent decision- making."