Patient Advocate

Whole Woman s Health - Fort Worth, TX


The Patient Advocate position allows for further training in the medical areas of the office which do not require medical certification or licensure. These tasks may include pathology, lab, set-up, running rooms, assisting in recovery, ultrasounds and assisting in Gyn sessions as directed. The Patient Advocate plays a key role in the practice as s/he may interact with the patient in many areas and her/his knowledge of office systems and the medical practice can contribute very positively to patient satisfaction and the success of the practice.

Essential functions

Perform receptionist duties including answering phones and managing the front desk
Intake and discharge
Counting money/making deposits and computer skills.

Gyn Assistant assists the practitioner in GYN practice. Primary duties include:

prepare charts for practitioner review
interview patients
set patients up for exams
assist the practitioner during exams
collect samples, run routine tests and take vital signs

Pathology Technician runs the pathology lab under the supervision of the Medical Director and the doctor practicing at the time. Primary duties include:

sterilizing instruments
verifying completed abortion procedures via pathology examination

Surgical assistant: assists the doctor and the patient through the actual abortion procedure. Training to assist in surgery involves becoming familiar with medical terminology and technology. Primary duties include:

serving as a surgical assistant
anticipating the doctor’s needs
supplying the doctor with the necessary instruments and medications to complete the procedure
serving as support to the patient, offering her comfort throughout her abortion procedure.

Set Up/Assist/Recover during an abortion session primarily means you prepare and recover patients during surgery. Primary duties include:

preparing procedure rooms for patients
cleaning and stocking rooms
showing patients to the procedure rooms before the doctor enters, and helping them feel as comfortable as possible
starting IVs
keeping track of the session—who has been seen, who has not, anticipating the “flow” of patients
recovering patients post-ab, including taking vital signs, cleaning them up, assisting them in dressing, escorting them to recovery room.

Lab Technician runs the laboratory where patient testing occurs. Primary duties include:

collecting blood samples
running tests
taking vital signs
serving as a point of patient education regarding test results and what they mean.


perform pre-op sonograms on all patients presenting for abortion services
learn both vaginal and abdominal scan techniques
understand how to comfort patients and respond to emotional issues

Experience and General Requirements

People skills
Organizational and time management skills
An interest in women’s health and a commitment to the welfare of the “whole” woman
An interest in all areas of the practice: administrative (“front”), financial, medical, counseling, customer service, etc.
Problem solving
Follow-through and thoroughness
Written and verbal communication skills: direct, prompt and effective
Medical Record knowledge
Computer skills
Skill with numbers, counting and detailed record keeping
Ability to take direction
Ability to ask questions and participate fully in learning process.
Flexibility, multitasking and willingness to learn and “go anywhere” s/he’s needed.

Ideal candidate:
Will be Bilingual – English and Spanish
Has a four year Bachelor’s degree (students currently enrolled in college also qualify)
Prefers not to do the same thing every day
Is flexible and cooperative
Loves to learn new things, jumps in and asks questions, participates actively in the learning process

Additional Requirements:
Basic Life Support Certification biannually
Annual OSHA and PPE in-service training

Physical Requirements

Must possess the ability and capability to perform any task in the office.
Must be able to lift 15 lbs or more, be able to physically move through the office unaided
Must have excellent visual and hearing acuity.


A competitive salary, commensurate with experience.
All full-time staff are eligible to enroll in medical, dental, and vision insurance offerings as well as voluntary insurance offerings. All full-time staff earn personal time off and paid holidays. Part-time staff are eligible to enroll in voluntary insurance offerings.
A corporate culture/environment that is diverse, stimulating, and comprised of passionate and dedicated people.

Please note that this is a working job description that may evolve as the needs of the company change.