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Job Description:
The Restaurant Manager is responsible for operating a profitable and enjoyable restaurant, where the quality of service and ambience are continually challenged and improved, and where an environment that fosters creativity, free thinking and intelligent decision-making is encouraged. The Restaurant Manager is responsible for maintaining an effective program for training and developing the FOH team. The Restaurant Manager is responsible for assisting in creating and maintaining an upbeat, productive and educational environment. The Restaurant Manager projects a positive attitude, and visible respect for all employees. The Restaurant Manager provides feedback and direction to the FOH line employees to continue their development. The Restaurant Manager is an important member in the management team and therefore participates in meetings to discuss the business and operation of the restaurant.



Inspirational with managers and employees
Practices empathetic and educated listening
Runs effective, concise, inspirational line ups consistently
Runs effective pre-shift meetings
Is decisive
Acts and follows through with integrity
Knows when to act and when to stand back
Upholds and enhances the culture
Sees the future and is a student of the business
Proactive attitude regarding all aspects of the business
Makes decisions that are in the best interest of the guests and employees
Alert to all aspects of the operation throughout the shift
Recognizes potential problems and solves them quickly and efficiently

Able to make appropriate decisions without personal emotion
Separates self from hourlies in and out of work
Runs restaurant as if owner

Coaching, Teaching and Confronting Incompetence

Can perform one minute management
Uses "See it, Say it" approach to coaching on the floor
Practices "Praise in public, punish in private"
Holds hourly and management team accountable
Fosters an environment of continuous learning with new information, testing, and reading
Confronts incompetence in a mature and timely manner
Follows up on feedback with confirmation of the change in behavior
Documents all performance feedback in a timely manner
Assists in recruiting, hiring and scheduling a crew of quality employees
Determines and maintains staffing needs to ensure guest satisfaction based on current and projected business levels
Implements company systems
Trains staff in service, guest relations, safety, use of equipment, etc.
Works with the General Manager and BOH to provide on-going training and understanding of menu items and preparation to service staff
Provides consistent and frequent feedback to staff
Teaches and coaches staff on a daily basis
Service Management

Personally greets the staff as they arrive and takes an interest in them
Holds service staff accountable
Constantly pursues great service while coaching the staff
Enjoys other restaurants service and learns from the experience
Promotes an environment of teamwork
Gives inspiring and informative line ups
Can write an effective schedule avoiding overtime, while maintaining proper staffing levels
Actively works the floor looking to improve service, help the staff, and/or speed up the turn times
Effectively runs the front desk and quotes the wait
Makes an impact by driving the shift
Maintains acceptable levels of inventory for front of the house operation
Ensures the strict companywide adherence to Sauce’s standards for quality of food served and quality of operations
Commitment to having a knowledgeable staff who are proud of the quality of our products and who believe in our concept
Attention for detail
Maintains high standards in all areas of safety, security and sanitation
Reports cleaning and repairs to the General Manager in a timely manner
Bar Management

Can effectively order what is needed
Manages to appropriate inventory levels
Ensures that pour cost is managed and controlled
Manages purveyor relationships appropriately
Manages service at the bar to ensure it is up to the same standard as the dining room
Kitchen Management

Can have open and intelligent dialog with the chef without intimidation
Is comfortable doing a mid-shift walk through of the kitchen to validate prep levels and food quality for the dinner shift
Pushes food back and demands perfect execution from the line
Participates in and follows up on EcoSure and Health Inspections
Helps ensure acceptable levels of inventory
Floor Management

Capable of running the front door on a busy shift with a wait
Exudes hospitality at the front door
Coaches the host team and continuously educates that staff about the restaurant as a whole
Controls the flow of business to set the team up for a successful shift
Facilities Management

General monthly maintenance programs are adhered to
Cleanliness of physical plant is noticeable; regularly scheduled programs are in place
Knowledgeable of water/sewer, gas, and electric shut off locations
Fire extinguishers are serviced prior to or upon expiration
Works with the Building Maintenance/Management Company/Landlord to constantly maintain the back dock, trash areas and front sidewalks as well as any communal trash cans
All pest control is performed on a regular basis
All plants and flowers are maintained
Guest Connection

Knows and practices the "art" of touching tables
Uses great guest communication, both verbal and written
Executes guest recovery and follows up appropriately
Gives support to staff decisions (i.e.: cutting a guest off)
Excellent problem solver
Builds guest loyalty
Cultivates a regular clientele
Works to build food sales by interacting, greeting, seating and making the guests feel at ease
Solves problems with an understanding of the importance of each guest being determined to come back
Sales Building / Local Store Marketing

Is aware of the local market business environment
Participates in area business groups or affiliations
Knows neighboring businesses and their operators
Contributes to charities that are tied to our company or your guests
Joins networks that further our place in the business community
Rewards repeat guests with VIP treatment
Participates in media events such as wine tastings and food events, including buy outs
Works with the rest of the management team to maximize sales and optimize profits through the management of food, labor costs and FOH Controllable
Presentation Skills

Represents themselves and their team well
Represents the company well and always in a positive light
Presents line ups and meetings effectively
Job interviews conducted professionally, including follow up
Does not air out any inappropriate company business with hourly employees or guests
Does not gossip or spread rumors or initiate drama

New hire paperwork, tax forms, PAF’s and E-verify are completed in a timely manner
Performs all payroll functions perfectly
Codes invoices in a timely manner
Utilizes the shift planner and the financial workbook
Knows the work comp and guest accident procedures
Is aware of sales and labor budgets and is able to discuss then intelligently at all times
Has great P & L Management skills
Uses labor scheduling tools, including Hot Schedules and Aloha Enterprise to plan labor
Is proficient in end of period procedures
Weekly packages are delivered on time
In-store audits of files are at 90% or better

Required Experience:
Prior previous restaurant experience required
Prefer a minimum of two years (or greater) of experience managing in full service dining establishments
Is proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook
Able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 8 hours)
Able to safely lift & easily maneuver trays of food frequently weighing up to 20-25 pounds
Able to communicate clearly & effectively in the predominant language(s) of our guests, managers, kitchen and dining room personnel
Must have exceptional grooming habits

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