Case Planner for TFFC

Coalition for Hispanic Family Services - Brooklyn, NY

Full-timeEstimated: $38,000 - $48,000 a year

Innovative Community Based Organization Seeks Energetic, Committed, and Highly Experienced Individuals. SPANISH/BILINGUAL (PREFERRED). Exc. Benefits & Salary/EEO

Major Responsibilities:

  • Coordination of assigned caseload; delivery of court services; development of treatment plan (child/birth parent; child/TFP); counseling services to child and family (s ) through regularly scheduled face to face contacts as frequent a necessary with a minimum of twice per month; reschedule visits missed visits within five days and notify parent/relative of rescheduled visit by phone or mail and provide support when problems arise; if parent misses two or more visits, worker shall visits parent/relative in the home to ascertain reason(s) for missed visits; shall make collateral contacts; implementation of ABC plan.
  • Make an initial pre-placement contact with the child’s parent/discharge resource, on assigned caseload, to discuss the child’s referral to the program, the nature of the agency’s program and the parent’s goal and concerns regarding their child’s placement and general welfare
  • Assess birth family’s strengths and resources, needs and limitations through direct contact with family members, through collaboration with other service providers, and through contact with other key figures in the family’s life.
  • Develop an initial comprehensive Child Psychosocial and Family Assessment on assigned caseload.
  • Assist birth family in identifying strengths and resources and setting goals for improved individual and family living.
  • Assist birth family in securing needed services (e.g., individual, marital, family counseling; job search/training; substance abuse counseling; child care; education assistance; housing and other public welfare assistance) and in advocacy with them on their behalf as needed to achieve family goals.
  • Collaborate with family’s service providers to ensure that services are being provided and schedule meetings, as needed to address any obstacles, etc.
  • Keep birth families informed of child’s treatment and progress; ensure that family is consistently an integral member of the interdisciplinary team and attends all schedule treatment team conferences/service plan reviews.
  • Teach birth parents the ABC model, planning strategies and charting responsibilities as deemed appropriate.
  • Collaborate with the Behavioral Specialist, who shares the same assign caseload around the child’s treatment plan (e.g., child/birth family; education; child/TFP; provision of mental health services; medical services; behavioral challenges; development and implementation of ABC behavioral modification plans; respite, etc).
  • Provision of a minimum of one monthly session with program child/youth, or six during each six month review period, with a home visit to TFP home every other month for a session with child/youth and TFP.
  • Provision of a minimum of one monthly session with TFP, or six sessions during each six month period. Among these contacts, there should be a visit to the TFP home every other month with the program child/youth present. (For more details on required contacts with birth parent/child see ACS Memorandum dated December 7 2004).
  • Provide clear performance feedback to Teaching Foster Parents as per program policies.
  • Submission of comprehensive FASP (Family Assessment Service Plan) and Permanency Hearing Reports on assigned caseload in CONNECTIONS in a timely fashion.
  • Enter all educational information on assigned children/youth in CONNECTIONS.
  • Work in collaboration with agency’s medical unit concerning psychiatric, psychological evaluations, psychotropic medication and mental health treatment plans, as well as ongoing medical appointments.
  • Enter all daily contacts with or on behalf of the children/youth in progress notes in CONNECTIONS and submit to Program Director on a monthly basis.
  • Facilitate monthly clinical case conferences on assigned caseload and prepare for submission Psychiatric Clinical Case Summary reports, along with Treatment Plan and Treatment Review Updates; review treatment plan with Teaching Foster Parent.
  • Facilitate Service Plan Reviews on assigned caseload and ensure that all team members, including birth family are invited and attend. If they do not attend, prepare to share information discussed during agency or home visit, and provide Xerox copies of pertinent section of Family Assessment Service Plan.
  • Prepare discharge plan with team members; facilitate trial/final discharge conference and submit all pertinent reports and forms to ACS regarding discharge (e.g., trial discharge report; trial discharge grant).
  • Establish and nurture a “user friendly” relationship with the case planning agency/program staff around child’s/youth treatment plan, completion of FASP’s and Permanency Hearing Reports to ensure that reports are completed in a timely fashion; invite to treatment team meetings/service plan reviews.

Minimum Requirements:

  • MSW preferred or a minimum of a B.A, B.S, or BSW in Human Services with 2 years experience working with children and families, or a BA or BS degree in non-Human Services and 3 years experience working with children and families (minimum BA). Child welfare experience preferred.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Case Management: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Social Work: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)


  • Spanish (Preferred)