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Oregon Lottery - Bend, OR2.5

The Oregon Lottery is a leader in the gaming industry and an important contributor of revenue for the state's schools, economic development, parks, watershed restoration, veteran's programs, and outdoor schools. We are looking for a Field Sales Representative to join our team in Central and Eastern Oregon. Preference will be given to applicants with outside/route sales experience and experience with Microsoft Office, i.e. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Only candidates who currently live near Bend or who are willing to relocate will be considered for this position. Travel to John Day with an overnight stay is required once every two weeks.

This job closes on October 24th. Apply today!


Important information:
Applicants should ensure that their e-mail settings will receive e-mail from the iCIMS system, otherwise you could miss critical communications related to the recruitment. Emails may be delivered to your Junk or Spam email boxes. We will communicate via e-mail to schedule interviews and to notify you of the status of your application. Failure to respond to our scheduling e-mails will result in no further consideration.

If you are claiming Veteran's preference, you MUST attach the appropriate documentation at the time of application. If the correct documents are not uploaded to the system, Veteran's preference will not be applied.

Veterans: Submit appropriate member copy of DD214/215.

Disabled Veterans: Submit appropriate member copy of DD214/215 and a letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) indicating a service connected disability rating.

The Field Sales Representative, in direct consultation with Lottery retailers, is responsible for optimizing sales and maintaining successful relationships between retail accounts and the Lottery. The work includes, but is not limited to, having an assigned group of retail accounts, assisting those retailers to increase sales volume, managing inventory, and responding to questions and assisting the retailers in solving problems. Failure to perform job responsibilities, in an effective manner, could result in a loss in productivity. This effect could cause a loss in Lottery product sales and financial losses to Lottery revenue.

Under general supervision of the area Field Manager, this job requires the ability to work with minimal supervision and with others, within specific and general guidelines, while making decisions based on Lottery policies and procedures. The work is guided by and decisions are made based on Lottery Policies and Procedures, Retail Operations Field Manual, and other guidelines and procedures.


1. *Cultivate and maintain favorable contact with assigned retail accounts in an effort to maximize the sales of Lottery products in those accounts.

Typical Activities:
This position serves as the first point of contact and therefore must maintain a positive relationship between the account and the Lottery. The relationship must be professional, participatory, and responsive when responding to retailer issues, concerns, or problems to ensure Lottery retailers and players are treated with respect and given quality customer service which is one of the Lottery's primary goals.

Contribute to Lottery sales by researching and resolving customer problems. Listen to and give timely answers to retailer and player questions or concerns as needed or refer to appropriate Lottery staff.
Communicate with retailers about laws, rules, policies, contracts and assist retailers with compliance as needed. Communicate pertinent information to Lottery retailers and Lottery employees, on a timely basis, regarding contracts, promotions, changes in policies and procedures, training needs, or other issues.

Respond to requests for information, equipment, training, and products or relay requests to appropriate Lottery staff. Assist with resolving retailer and player disputes as needed.

2. *Assist the Lottery to reach sales goals through making timely and complete sales calls which includes managing the sales activities of assigned accounts, encouraging product sales, and motivating retailers to increase their individual sales goals.

Typical Activities:
Participate and encourage teamwork through open communication with other staff. Prepare and organize sales presentations that motivate the retailer to sell and promote Lottery products or promotions. Assist retailers in resolving immediate concerns, in a timely manner.

Give clear, concise, and motivating sales presentations of existing and new Lottery products within assigned territory. Review placement of lottery products, merchandising materials, and equipment for appropriateness; ensure adequate supplies, check equipment to make sure it is functioning properly; and place merchandising materials appropriately in retailer establishments.

Monitor the status of assigned Lottery retailers on a continuous basis to ensure that business operations are current and in compliance with Lottery policies and guidelines. Review and explain quarterly business reviews to retailers, and answer questions or concerns. Conduct promotions with assigned retailers to enhance sales. Assist retailers with accounting and inventory control to increase sales potential.

Apply acquired sales skills in making sales calls and providing customer service to retailers. Maintain the necessary information to identify new sales opportunities with existing and potential new retailers. Perform preventative maintenance on Lottery equipment that may include cleaning, adjusting, replacing and/or repairing parts when necessary.

3. *Analyze sales data to maximize the sales potential of retailers to reach Lottery sales goals.

Typical Activities:
Provide Lottery management with information used to evaluate sales growth opportunities. Review business reports, commission levels, and other various reports, routinely, for retailer participation in Lottery programs. Identify areas for improvement and possible solutions to problem areas. Prepare and present an action plan to retailer to gain agreement and commitment by selling the retailer on the features and benefits of the plan. Implement action plans, track the success of the plans, and make improvements as needed. Develop, implement, sell, track, and report results of retailer promotions and incentives in a timely manner using account route cards.

4. *Periodically assist the Lottery in the establishment of new retailers by conducting pre-site evaluations and other services for new Lottery retailers, requesting equipment changes and relocations at existing Lottery retailer establishments.

Typical Activities:
May solicit potential new accounts/opportunities as they present themselves. Verify that the potential new retailer establishment complies with the age control area, wheel chair accessibility, and line of sight requirements under Lottery rules and policies. Complete various forms with retailers and ensures that information is accurate. Explain data communications, electrical, line of sight and age control requirements to retailer and ensure understanding of those requirements. Ensure placement of equipment and stickers complies with Lottery guidelines.

5. *Provide additional services to retailers to assist the Lottery with completing necessary projects, activities, and objectives.

Typical Activities:
Provide initial training for new retailers on features of Lottery products and equipment and on-going training to retailers, employees, players, and the public when appropriate.

6. *Keep an adequate inventory of supplies and products in vehicle for use when making retailer sales calls in support of ensuring sales call and maintenance efficiency.

Typical Activities:
Maintain an adequate supply of point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) materials, other merchandising materials, products, and supplies. Maintain an adequate supply of minor repair parts and cleaning supplies to meet maintenance needs. Complete and submit required paperwork and accounting records for inventory of supplies and parts in a timely manner.

7. *Ensure appropriate use of Lottery funds by planning and maintaining a retailer sales call schedule which provides efficiency of driving and call time.

Typical Activities:
Maintain a sales call and customer service route while ensuring retailer compliance of Lottery rules and conditions of contract. This requires maintaining professional behavior on a daily basis while in contact with a large number of widely varying personalities at each business establishment, and where the consumption of alcohol, belligerent language, and threat of violence may be factors. Ensure timely vehicle service and repairs in order to maintain the efficiency of driving and customer service to retailers.

8. *Attend training seminars and meetings to increase knowledge of Lottery products and equipment, and to improve customer service skills to ensure that retailers receive quality and efficient customer service.

Typical Activities:
Stay current with Lottery procedures, issues, and regulations affecting retailers by reviewing manuals, and current materials.

9. Participate in and assist with special promotions.

10. Participate in special projects as assigned.

The Field Sales Representative interacts with all levels of Lottery staff, vendors, retailers, players, the general public, and law enforcement officials. This is done in person, by telephone, or through electronic or written communication.

Working environments include the retailer establishments, vehicles, storage units, Lottery office, the Field Sales Representative's home, and/or other facilities. At least 90% of the time worked is in the field at the assigned retailer establishments. These working environments involve exposure to temperature extremes, heights, loud music, belligerent language, threat of violence, and other hazards.
Occasional lifting up to 70 pounds of supplies and equipment, or moving up to 300 pounds of equipment, with assistance is required. Working irregular hours (i.e., nights, evenings, and weekends) is required. Driving in inclement weather and unpredictable road conditions, which may involve long distance and driving at night may be required.


Four years of account management and/or field sales experience. Sales experience must include direct solicitation of potential customers, convincing them to purchase a product or service, and servicing assigned accounts. Related college level course work may substitute for up to three years of the required experience.

Preference may be given to account management and/or field sales experience.

  • Possession of valid driver license.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of all organizational policies and products.
  • Demonstrated skill in interpreting laws, rules, policies and procedures, and applying interpretations to specific situations; and performing administrative support functions requiring independent judgment, decision making, and problem resolution.
  • Demonstrated skill in effective listening; communicating, both orally and in writing about decisions, services, or programs; resolving problems through negotiation; and maintaining effective relationships with agency personnel, retailers, and vendors.
  • Demonstrated skill in dealing with irate and hostile individuals in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Demonstrated skill in coordinating diverse activities to ensure completion of projects, tasks, and assignments while working with conflicting priorities, and meeting deadlines.
  • Demonstrated ability to use personal computer for communicating via e-mail, word processing, and information research.
  • Demonstrated ability performing independently all work associated with field sales and marketing.
  • Demonstrated ability to work safely with chemicals and power tools.
  • Demonstrated ability operating a variety of vehicles, including passenger cars and vans, safely and courteously.

The results of this recruitment may be used to fill future vacancies.

The Oregon Lottery® reserves the right to change, withdraw, close, or re-post job announcements as business needs dictate.

ORS 461.150 (5) states, "No person shall be employed by the state lottery who has been convicted of a felony or any gambling related offense." A background investigation is required prior to job offer which includes fingerprinting, criminal history, credit history (based on the position), tax records, driving record, affiliation with the gaming industry, and checking employment references and character references.

Lottery Ethics Policy prohibits employees from holding any legal or economic interest in the gaming industry. If you currently hold interest in the gaming industry this does not disqualify you from consideration in a position with the Lottery. If you are the successful applicant, you would need to dispose of the holdings prior to employment. (This does not apply to an investment in a mutual fund or a blind trust, or a time or demand deposit in a financial institution, shares in a credit union, the cash surrender value of life insurance, or American Indian tribal dividends.)

  • Salary level will be based on qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. All employees and members of their immediate family, regardless of where they live, are prohibited-by-law from playing Oregon Lottery® games.
Pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, persons with disabilities who believe they need reasonable accommodation, or help in order to apply for this position, may call 503-540-1315 or email

Per ORS 408.225, 408.230, and 408.235 relating to Veterans Preference for public employment, to receive Veterans Preference, include a copy of your DD214/DD215 and/or Veterans' disability preference letter (unless information is included in the DD214/DD215) with your application material.