CRLS Glocal Challenge Coordinator (2 positions)

Cambridge Public Schools - Cambridge, MA3.9

Service Agreement Opportunity #141 2018/2019 School Year

September 21, 2018

Service Opportunity:
CRLS Glocal Challenge Coordinator (2 positions)

Description of Services:
The Glocal Challenge is a school wide initiative at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School to help students
develop 21st century inquiry, research and presentation skills in an increasingly globalizing society. A
team of students is asked to identify an environmental issue facing the local community and develop a
creative solution to address it based on global best practices. The students explain how their solution can
be implemented by the City of Cambridge or Commonwealth of Massachusetts within five years.

The Glocal Challenge Coordinator will oversee this student-led project, and will:
  • develop a Glocal Challenge curriculum
  • share and train fellow teachers that will partake in the challenge on this curriculum
  • coordinate and facilitate the Glocal Challenge meetings and events
  • track attendance and maintain a master list of teacher and student participants
  • be the central point- and contact- person for the Challenge for all teacher and student participants as well
as with any outside agencies, such as EF.

Minimum Requirements:
Knowledge of the Glocal Challenge and the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Experience working with high school students.

The hired individual will be paid at the teacher contracted After-School Learning Center Site Coordinator rate of $36.00 per hour; not to exceed 40 hours.

Start and End Dates:

Contract Amount :
$36.00 per hour not to exceed $1,440.00

Application Deadline :
October 1, 2018