District Sales Manager

Verizon Wireless Retailer - South Florida, FL

30+ days ago

We believe technology & people are the keys to our future. Whatever your passion and expertise, when you join Verizon, you'll find a sales team determined to change the world and empower our customers to do the same! You'll take on challenges that will constantly stimulate your intellect, fuel your passion and drive your professional growth. We provide industry leading training opportunities and a commission structure that is uncapped. Your goals are always attainable and you have the support of a world-class team to help you achieve them.

‪Job Description:

Manage the local network of stores. Basic duties include performing employee scheduling and capacity planning. Drive overall sales by utilizing data and metrics to strategize with Store Managers and to meet sales goals for the stores and the entire network. Hold employees accountable to those sales goals and enforce company policies and procedures. Respond to staffing needs and perform HR duties as required. Uphold 100% client satisfaction guarantee across all locations and assist managers in resolving escalations. Perform Store Manager Role when required.

Job Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Build team of successful Store Managers & Sales representatives
  • Daily review of all store schedules and make adjustments as required
  • Use capacity planning to work schedule to a budget
  • Assist Store Managers in reaching sales goals for store and employees
  • Assist Store Managers in resolving customer escalations
  • Assist Store Managers in resolving employee conflict and escalations
  • Utilize data and metrics to create short term and long term sales goals
  • Work with Store Managers on completing sales goals
  • Design sales contests to meet sales goals
  • Be able to perform Store Manager functions
  • Visit stores and fill out location and employee review scorecards
  • Coach employees, Store Managers, and locations on company policy and procedure adherence
  • Run job ads, hold interviews, and hire new staff members
  • Assist store managers in all operational elements
  • Assist HR management and perform basic HR roles when necessary

‪Required Attitude/Personality:

  • Drive and Urgency: Has tremendous energy and initiative to generate sales and can positively inspire subordinates to do the same.
  • Attitude: Always has a positive and open attitude and it positively affects team members around them. Always open to coaching and new techniques. Never appears to be discouraged and is always moving forward.
  • Ability to Respect and Follow Policy/Procedure: Is aware of policies and procedures, is able to follow them all, and is also able to coach and enforce adherence amongst subordinates.
  • Genuine Customer Service: Has genuine concern about customers, and knows the Customer Service Guide front to back. Is able to professionally handle any situation as well as coach and assist other team members who are struggling with this skill.
  • What type of person we want:
  • Self-motivated people who want to be in a highly visible, fast-paced, and competitive management role.
  • We want someone who can turn a failure into a positive action and great successes into examples for the future.
  • Perfect role for someone who is extremely energetic and likes traveling from one location to the next.


‪Required Skills:

  • Computer skills
  • Basic usage and ability to multitask and handle multi-window workflow
  • Troubleshooting ability
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to crunch numbers and do basic math (+, -, x, /)
  • Ability to problem solve and use logic
  • Ability to have genuine customer service skills and develop relationships with clients
  • Time management and scheduling skills
  • Physical skill requirements
  • Own reliable transportation
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Professional appearance
  • Pass Criminal Background check
  • Reliable transportation is required.

‪Previous Work Experience:

  • District Management Experience
  • 2-5 years as retail sales manager
  • Has managed 2-10 staff members in a single store retail environment
  • 2-5 years as District Manager
  • Has managed 3-5 stores and 20-30 staff members in a retail environment

Job Type: Full-time


  • Management: 5 years (Required)
  • Sales: 5 years (Required)