Tooling Specialist

Satair - Ashburn, VA4.5

Position Title: Tooling Specialist

Reports to (Position Title): Head of Tooling and Repair

Department: Tooling and Repair

Location: Ashburn, VA

Position Summary:
Provides technical support which serves as the backbone to the Airbus technical interface between Airbus and its customers in the GSE/Tool business. The scope of the tooling business includes: sale of new tools, lease of tools, and repair of Airbus and customer-owned tool inventory.

Primary Responsibilities:
Manage customer routine, AOG, and initial provisioning tooling purchase orders including maintaining order status spreadsheets, organizing and hosting customer tooling conference calls; answering customer order inquiries and providing price quotes. Interface with Hamburg Inflight Desk to address backlog and quality discrepancies.
Provide tooling technical support and act as a technical interface with customers. Ensure Airbus staff fully understands the technical aspects needed in the tools to be purchased or leased.
Manages customer tool returns and warranty claims.
Generates customer order status reports and internal tool order status reports for customers and internal entities with updated information on order status.
Manages customer tool order packages; coordinates with tool services management in Hamburg to ensure orders are processed in an efficient and timely manner.
Review tooling change bulletins and take action as needed.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualified Experience / Skills / Training:
3 - 5 years experience in aircraft maintenance most of which is on Airbus aircraft.

Intermediate or better level of skill with Microsoft Office.

Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Fluency in another language is desirable.

Education / Special Qualifications

Preferably, a degree from a technical training facility and additional training which equates to a four year degree.

Training in Airbus techniques and policies or the ability to complete Airbus specific training.

Training in customer service skills, practices and techniques with technical items.

A&P License desired.