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Brief Description of Duties:
Initiates and coordinates, in concert with the social worker, on educational related issues. Works with other team members to identify problem areas, possible interventions and support services to prevent education disruptions and promote school stability and educational progress.
Assesses youth needs and supports the development of educational plans to identify needs and goals.
Monitors students' educational performance and connects them to academic supports and interventions as needed.
Provides counseling on available educational options and academic supports and advance on post-graduate programs, admissions processes and financial aid resources.
Participates in school meetings, as needed, to advocate for the youths' educational needs.
Coordinates educational trainings and events for CFSA staff and families about educational programs and opportunities and strategies to support youth with their education.
Develops and maintains existing partnerships with other agencies to ensure coordination of services.
Supports program implementation, analysis and evaluation activities.
Helps to coordinate and serve as liaison between CFSA personnel and representatives from other District agencies, state government agencies, schools and private agencies on matters related to education.
Maintains electronic documents, files and records for the purpose of providing required information.
Helps to gather, maintain, and update the agency's educational data.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
Conditions of Employment

Working Conditions: This position is deemed a protection sensitive position pursuant to DCMR 6B Section 411 and is subject to a criminal background check, traffic records, and drug and alcohol testing as applicable.

This position is in the collective bargaining unit.


Basic Requirements:
General knowledge of human behavior dynamics, child development and group dynamics; the common medical, emotional and psychological problems faced by youth in foster care; and of the principles and practices of social work or social science.
General knowledge of foster care, issues affecting children in foster care, challenges associated with foster care, effective treatments and appropriate youth placements.
General knowledge of CFSA's mission, goals, and rules governing education and confidentiality.
Effective written and oral communication skills and the ability to organize and deliver presentations to large and small groups.
Organizational skills and the ability to prioritize, coordinate and/or negotiate with potential providers to write clear and concise reports and recommendations.
Analytic and mathematical skills with an emphasis on the collection, analysis, and reporting of statistical data.

Bachelor's Degree in education, psychology, social work, human services or a related social science field, to provide direct social services to individuals and families.

Minimum five (5) years of experience in an educational or counseling setting. Years of experience in these areas may be substituted for formal education or some combination of education and experience.
Closing Statement

Job Offers: Official Job Offers are made by the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency's Human Resources Only.

General Job Information

Tour Of Duty : 8:15 am - 4:45 pm

Promotion Potential: No

Duration of Appointment: Career Service - Regular Appointment

Screening Dates: Every ten (10) days after the inital opening date.

This position is located in the Office of the Deputy Director for Well-Being. The Education Resource Specialist works as an Education Resource Specialist at the District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency by providing direct and consultative supportive services related to school enrollment, attendance, academics, educational planning and goal development. The work involves coordinating educational planning, supporting, and interventions for youth with a variety of needs, in consultation with CFSA staff, school systems, foster parents, contracted providers and lawyers representing both the youth and the District. Resourcefulness and ingenuity is required to analyze situations and assist the social worker in developing an educational plan consistent with the stated goals and capacities of a particular child.