Advanced Concepts Systems Engineer- Advanced Development Programs

Blue Origin - Kent, WA3.6

As part of a small, passionate, and accomplished team of experts, you will study and develop advanced concepts for launch vehicles, in-space systems, planetary landers, and crewed vehicles. You’ll need a background in conceptual design that’s grounded in personal experience across the entire engineering lifecycle and breadth in a wide variety of engineering disciplines applicable to the design of space systems. This position will directly impact the history of space exploration, and your dedicated commitment and detailed attention will further the cause of safe and repeatable spaceflight.

Bound problems by developing use cases, concepts of operation, and driving requirements
Trade, optimize, and define system architectures
Work closely with other systems and design engineers to perform conceptual design, sizing, and analysis of a variety of systems
Develop skills and custom models, scripts, and programs to solve new problems
Identify immature technologies that will enable transformative concepts and support principle technologists as they work to bring these technologies to fruition
Write cogent and succinct technical memos and devise innovative, intuitive, and delightful ways to visualize quantitative information.
B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering or other relevant field
At least 5 years industry experience in systems engineering, including experience in conceptual design
Demonstrated knowledge of systems engineering practices such as performing trade studies, establishing system metrics, and deriving functional requirements
Experience across the product life cycle (conceptual design through operations)
Experience working collaboratively in small teams on fast-paced projects
Exhibit excellent judgement and be comfortable making high-quality and high-velocity decisions
Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team
Must be a U.S. citizen or national, U.S. permanent resident (current Green Card holder), or lawfully admitted into the U.S. as a refugee or granted asylum.
M.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Has lead small study teams
Experience with mass properties, cost estimation, and operations modelling
Has supported competitive proposals

Experience with the following types of tools:
CAD (e.g. Creo)
Collaboration tools (e.g. Confluence and JIRA)
Mission design and trajectory optimization (e.g. OTIS, Copernicus, MONTE, STK Astrogator)
Propulsion and fluid-system analysis and sizing (e.g. GFSSP, ROCETS)
Requirements management (e.g. DOORS Next Gen)
Scripting language/platform (e.g. Matlab or Python)
Version control (e.g. Git)